Best BJJ Gi and Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews: Products That Lasts (2018)

Just like a lawyer needs the best quality suit, so do you need the best BJJ gi or the best Jiu-jitsu gi when practicing BJJ or Jiu-jitsu. Fact.

If you’re thinking of joining the popular BJJ or Jiu-Jitsu art, you’ll first need to get a good gi.

Finding one isn’t hard with the many variables and options on the market today. However, if you don’t know exactly what to look for, you might end getting confused and making the wrong choice.

Good news;

We got a chance to interact with an experience Jiu-Jitsu coach. And we sought his advice on what makes the right gi for a trainee.

Armed with this info, we entered the market and selected up to 10 quality gi that we’ll share with you in the post below.

But before we get into that, here’s something fascinating you’d want to hear…

Why Should You Wear a Gi?

If you’re like most people, then you might have always wondered the real meaning behind wearing a BJJ or jiu-jitsu gi kimono (that’s an alternative name for a gi!).

Again, we were lucky to get the answers from the coach on why it’s important to don this clothing for both beginner and expert practitioners.

The top reasons behind donning the gi include:

  • Firstly, a gi helps remind you that you’re in an entirely different place from where you live or work. The moment you put it on, it creates a mental shift that tells you to forget your worries and focus on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspect of the art. It simply prepares you for training.
  • The gi also sets the practitioners at different levels apart. A good example is academies that require fighters with varying abilities of fighting to wear different gi colors. This way, you’ll know your position and get the urge to work hard to raise your rankings.
  • Designed to fit you well and for use in all types of weather, this cloth offers you the maximum comfort you need to train for longer hours- thereby improving your fighting ability.
  • And, of course, donning a gi is an act of maintaining the tradition of the art. It depicts the understanding and respect of the origin, history, and culture of Jiu-jitsu.

Do you need more reasons why it’s important to wear that top-quality gi when training for BJJ or Jiu-jitsu?

Let’s now draw our focus to the 10 top rated gi for BJJ and jiu-jitsu on the market today…

Best BJJ Gi and Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews:

1. Sanabul Essentials v.2 Ultra Light BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Review:


We kick off our list of the BJJ gi reviews with the Sanabul Essentials v.2 Ultra Light BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi. First of all, it’s important to note that Sanabul is a trusted name that has been producing quality gear for martial arts industry for years.

This gi comes as an upgrade to the company’s previous Essential version 1. It features a list of improvements not found in the earlier version for better training experience. Despite the massive improvements, the manufacturer managed to keep its price at a low to make it affordable to everyone.

One of the key improvements in this gi involves the use of the preshrunk material. This is an ultra-lightweight cotton fabric that doesn’t shrink easily on a cold wash.

However, you’d want to take caution not to hot wash or machine dry it as it might wrinkle slightly.

Judging from the fabric’s light feel, this gi will grant you the maximum comfort you need for your summer training and competitions. Although the fabric has a single weave type, its durability matches that of double weave kimono- so you’ll wear it for countless training sessions.

Above all this, the gi comes in a variety of sizes to help you easily get the right fit for you.

Highlighted features:

  • Preshrunk fabric material
  • Lightweight fabric for summer training
  • Stiffer rubberized collar
  • Available in different colors and sizes

2. FUJI BJJ Uniform Review:

Next on the line, we have the FUJI BJJ Uniform, also from a reputable manufacturer (Fuji). It’s one of the most trusted kimono across the globe. It’s also an award-winning gi, which means it’s made of nothing but quality.

Designed using the premium quality Fuji cotton blend, this kimono comes ready to grant you the superior fit and comfort you need to train for jiu-jitsu for longer periods of time. Moreover, this material has a mid-weight that further enhances your comfort when donning it.

The material also ranks among the best when it comes durability. To further enhance the overall longevity of this gi, the manufacturer has put multi-layered reinforcement on all its stress points.

The fairly priced gi also comes in a variety of sizes to let you choose the perfect size for you without struggles. And the fact that it’s 100% IBJJF Certified further assures you of its unrivaled quality.

Highlighted features:

  • Award winning Fuji gi
  • Mid-weight kimono w/stiff collar design
  • Multi-layered reinforcement on all the stress points
  • Made for the ultimate fit, comfort, and durability
  • 100% IBJJF Certified

3. Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review:

Our third best BJJ gi review goes to the Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi.

Similar to our first product up there, this Elite Sports gi also comes designed with a preshrunk fabric. This means you’ll never have to worry about it shrinking, wash after wash. Besides, the material is incredibly durable for extended use.

Despite its durability, the model easily minimizes overheating- meaning you can train harder in it and for longer.

Still on the fabric used to make this kimono, it boats of a super-lightweight feel. For this reason, it disperses sweat pretty faster to keep you comfortable when hard training. Add to the fact that it comes pre-treated against fungal and bacterial infections- which means you’ll also remain safe when wearing it.

And yes, it also comes with anti-odor treatment to help keep off lingering smell that might affect not only your comfort but also damage your gi.

As you’d expect of any other quality model from a reputable manufacturer, this gi also comes in all your favorite colors and sizes. This way, you’ll easily get the perfect model for you.

The package also comes with a BONUS in the form of a FREE white belt with stripe bar. This will be a great way to display your stripes as you continue earning them along the journey.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from preshrunk fabric
  • IBJJF approved
  • FREE white belt with striper bar included
  • Lightweight material for faster sweat dispersal
  • Comfortable gi for extended training

4. Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi For Kids Review:

If you’re looking for the best kids BJJ gi, then the Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is a sure bet. This particular Jiu-jitsu gi is no different from our previously discussed model from Elite Sports, only that it’s made with the young bjj artists in mind.

It shares almost all the features with the adult practitioner version above…like a pre-shrunk fabric design to ensure your kid’s gi doesn’t get wrinkled after washing.

Besides, this material is also durable for long-lasting use. Moreover, it comes with a lightweight design that ensures faster sweat dispersion so that you don’t feel uncomfortable during those hard training sessions when you sweat heavily.

To keep your kid safe from all forms of infections, this gi also comes pre-treated against fungal and bacterial infections.

The gi comes in a variety of sizes that can fit children between 5 and 15 years of age. It also features the IBJJF certification as a mark of its quality.

A FREE white belt with strippers is included in the box to let your kids show their stripe as they continue earning them.

Highlighted features:

  • Pre-shrunk fabric
  • FREE white belt with striper bar included
  • Lightweight material for faster sweat dispersal
  • Allows you to train harder for longer
  • check
    Pre-treated against bacterial and fungal infections

5. Venum Women's Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI Review:

For women, Venum Women's Challenger 2.0 is the ideal BJJ gi to put when heading for training or competition.

One of the reasons behind this gi’s popularity among female jiu-jitsu artists comes from the special light pearl wave cotton used to design it. The material has shown to offer you the optimal comfort you need when training in hot weather while giving you that extra hand you require when participating in a competitive match.

The fabric material used for the jacket has improved moisture management to prevent you from getting sweaty during training. This- together with one piece construction with no seams- takes your comfort to a whole new level.

As for the pants, it features a knee reinforcement for extra durability. It also features a triangle yoke around the crotch to grant you a full range of motion plus ground support.

Other key stress areas like the collar, cuffs, knees, and shoulders have reinforcement to improve your overall performance.

If you look at the collar carefully, you’ll discover a polyester fabric lining tasked with excellently wicking the sweat around your neck and giving you exceptional comfort.

It’d be a big mistake for a gi designed for women to come in only one color. Venum understands this fact pretty well, and they offer you this kimono in two color variations to let you make your preferred choice.

Highlighted features:

  • Suitable for competition or everyday training
  • Available in two colors
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced artists
  • Premium pearl wave cotton material for lightweight durability
  • Stress areas reinforcement for extra durability
  • check
    Canvas bag for easy carry

6. Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 Gold Weave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review:

We recommend the Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 to anyone looking for the most comfortable Jiu-Jitsu gi. The feeling you get the moment you don this kimono has no match! In other words, this model offers you just the right combination of weight and softness that makes you feel like training the entire day.

Ideal for training and competition, this Hayabusa comes designed from all quality materials for durability and strength. The jacket is made 550 gsm GOLD weave cotton for superior fit, comfort and increased maneuverability. The pant is made 12oz twill cotton blend with reinforced stress and knee areas for added support.

This gi also meets all the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) regulations, hence the IBJJF certification. It also comes in various sizes and colors to give you the freedom of selection.

Whether you’re an amateur or pro BJJ artist, this gi will doubtlessly help you optimize your performance and potential!

Highlighted features:

  • Ideal for training or competition
  • Extremely comfortable feel
  • Pants feature 12oz twill cotton blend construction
  • Reinforced knees and stress areas
  • 100% IBJJF compliant

7. Sanabul Highlights Professional Competition BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Review:

The Sanabul Highlights Professional Competition BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi takes our 7th position as the best BJJ competition gi.

One thing that makes it ideal for a competition is its lightweight feel…it feels so light that you don’t have to worry about cutting any extra weights. Also, the fabric used to design this gi also has preshrunk properties to minimizes the formation of wrinkles after washing.

Something fascinating about this fabric is how soft it feels on the inside to make your body feel comfortable while having a rugged exterior to ensure your opponent can’t have a grip advantage. This is one aspect that will give you a huge win against your opponent.

Since it’s incredibly light, it’ll work well for summer training or competitions.

Don’t forget it also comes pretreated against fungal and bacterial infections- just like the other Sanabul models we discussed earlier in the list.

Other features worth mentioning include the IBJJF certification, reinforced seams, contrast stitching, compact stitch embroidery, and rope drawstring. All these make it a highly functional gi for all your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition matches.

Highlighted features:

  • Perfect gift for competition
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Preshrunk Santec fabric
  • Athletic cut and fit
  • IBJJF competition approved
  • check
    Ideal for both BJJ and judo

8. Venum Contender BJJ GI Review:

Venum appears on our list again with the Contender BJJ GI. This is one of their newest addition to their line of gi. It comes designed to satisfy the needs of both enthusiastic and aspiring BJJ practitioners.

The budget-friendly gi is designed using the premium extra-lightweight pearl weave cotton. This makes it one of the lightest jiu-jitsu gi available, making it suitable for use in hot weather training or matches.

The Venum also boasts of a high resilience as all the other products that made it to this list. It comes with reinforced seams and panels which translates to excellent support and durability.

Additional features you’ll appreciate in this gi include the quick-dry cotton material for excellent moisture management, preshrunk fabric properties, and eye-appealing logo embroidered on the back and the shoulder.

With different sizes and colors and available, you’ll have an easy time getting the perfect model for you.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% cotton material construction
  • Suitable for competition and training
  • Comes in up to 3 colors
  • Extra-lightweight pearl weave cotton construction
  • Quick-dry cotton for excellent moisture management
  • check
    Reinforced seams for extra durability

9. Kingz NANO JIU JITSU GI Review:

Our second last spot for the 10 top BJJ gi reviews goes to the Kingz NANO JIU JITSU GI. This is another example of a genuinely lightweight kimono that will help you scale down your weight during competitions as well as feel comfortable when wearing it.

Designed with bjj competitors in mind, this kimono comes fully optimized to provide you with a remarkable level of comfort, quality, and strength- all while maintaining a lightweight feel.

The 370 GSM Pearl Weave jacket has s single-piece construction- with synthetic, heat-resistant, vulcanized rubber lapel- for maximum durability. The pants, on the other hand, come with the most comfortable 8oz drill cotton fabric with reinforced knee paddings.

Adorned with top-quality embroidery logos at the back and on the shoulders, this gi also has eye-grabbing looks that will make you stand from other trainees.

Highlighted features:

  • 370 GSM Pearl Weave jacket
  • One-piece fabric jacket construction for superior strength and durability
  • 90% pre-shrunk jacket fabric
  • 100% IBJJF legal
  • Ultra-lightweight gi
  • check
    Synthetic, heat resistant vulcanized lapel insert
  • check
    8oz drill cotton pants with double reinforced knee padding

10. Gameness Air Gi - BJJ Gi - Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi Review:

Here’s a chance to train in one of the most popular jiu-jitsu gi ever made!

Probably the best lightweight gi you can find on the market today, the Air will help you train in summer or hot weather, or when you want to save some weight during your next match, or if you want an all-day comfortable gi.

This gi is suitable for use by both amateur and pro fighters, so don’t get surprised when you see it on the mats in your local tournament or the world championships.

The durability of this gi speaks for itself. It boasts of a top made from the extremely durable 350g Comb weave fabric; it also features double needle stitching on all the patches for extra durability; the pants are made using the rugged, military-grade Rip Stop fabric. Above all this, it has a durable collar with foam rubber inner section that dries faster.

The technical rope draw cord offers you the right amount of stretch to keep your pants secure so that you can entirely focus on the art.

Gameness Air, like most of the other models we’ve covered in this list, comes in a variety of sizes and colors to help you easily the perfect match for you.

Highlighted features:

  • IBJJF Approved gi
  • One of the highly popular kimono on the planet
  • 350g pearl weave bjj top & 8oz ripstop gi pants
  • Ideal for training and competition
  • Comes in different colors and sizes

Jiu Jitsu Gi And BJJ Gi Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Buying your ideal gi can be tricky when you’re faced with multiple options on the market. Below is a list of factors to consider to help you get the best jiu-jitsu gi easily and quickly…


Most manufacturers use cotton although a few high-end models are made from hemp.

Due to the increased strength and durability, hemp gi tend to be more expensive. Hemp has a good reputation among advanced Jiu-Jitsu fighters.

However, we always recommend cotton for anyone who is just getting started.

That said, the type of material used also affects the weight of the pants.

Type of Weave

Another factor that distinguishes different gi is the type of weave. The most common types are outlined below:

  • Single weave: This is the most basic type of weave and is very popular among beginners. It boasts lighter construction than other weaves and is very cheap. Its thin and light design makes it a good choice for hot weather grappling. It is also a top choice for anyone looking to shed unnecessary weight in competition. The downside is that it is less durable than other weaves.
  • Double weave: This is the bane of any opponent’s existence. If you try to play spider guard against an opponent wearing a double weave gi, you will likely end up with scraped fingers. It is very thick and heavier than most weaves. The increased thickness makes it difficult for one to move around, thus slowing you down. Double weave gi requires more fabric to make and as such, are more expensive than single weave gi.
  • Gold weave: The gold weave is a cross between single and double weaves. It was very popular a few years ago, but that changed quickly when the pearl weave gi was introduced to the market. What makes them a preferred option is that they are very durable and very soft. You can think of it as hybrid that offers more thickness and durable than standard single weaves while eliminating the heavyweight of double weaves.
  • Pearl weave: This weave looks a lot like small pearls on your gi and is designed to provide excellent durability without weighing you down. It is much better than a single weave due to its strength, lightweight and ability to dry quickly. There are many variations of this weave, with the most popular one being Pearl Weave Extra. This is softer than regular pearl weaves.
  • Crystal weave: This weave is wildly popular for being soft and easy to grip. The increased softness makes it easy on the skin and unlike the double weave, doesn’t burn or rub a lot. What’s even better is that crystal weaves are not susceptible to shrinking if washed a lot. However, one is required to pull the sides and sleeves after a wash to keep them straight.
  • Ripstop weave: It is the thinnest and light weave out there. Because of this, ripstop kimono is an excellent option for those who travel a lot or are worried about shedding extra weight. In addition to BJJ pants, this weave is also used for Kimono jackets. It is challenging to find ripstop weave gi as very few brands manufacture them.
  • Honeycomb weave: As the name suggests, this weave resembles honeycombs. It is quite soft and doesn’t have a lot of stretches. It also dries quickly, is thin and breathable. Due to its increased lightness, honeycomb weave gi isn’t very common.

Cut and fit

This is probably the most important part of wearing a BJJ gi. You don’t want something that is too tight in the crotch, too tight in the back or too short in the sleeves will only make you uncomfortable and limit movement.

What is the perfect sleeve width and length for you? Would you prefer bagger or slimmer, longer or shorter cut gi? What about the skirt length?

These are just a few of the questions you have to answer before making a decision.

Keep in mind that some companies use proprietary cuts, so be sure to look at the customer reviews. Regardless of how cool a gi looks, you should make sure that it fits properly.


Do you like your gi jacket feeling extremely soft or like sandpaper?

Of course, you’d want to train in something that feels comfortable on your body; something that feels the softest on your body.

Keep in mind that increased comfort allows you to train for long hours and become more efficient.

If you don’t know what a specific weave feels like, be sure to ask around on social media and forums.

Consider your gym rules

Different gyms tend to have different rules regarding the gi, and some even prohibit their trainees from wearing it.

With that in mind, we advise you to check with your coach before buying that kimono to see if it’s allowed. If yes, be sure to ask what type of gi they allow in their gym. This will ensure you don’t get frustrated later when you’re restricted from using your new gi.

While still on it, tournaments also might require different types of gi from the one you train with.

Checking the set guidelines for a competition kimono before buying one will save you from disappointments as well.


Due to the fact that people purchase gi at all levels of training, most models don’t come with a belt.

This is usually a separate purchase, and in most cases, you can buy your belt from the same brand as your gi

If that’s not the case, you have to find one with a similar style. Just make sure it is the same size as the gi.

TIP: A few gi come with the belt included as a FREE gift to the buyer. Getting such a deal will truly save you some bucks.


Many people tend to ignore the collar when purchasing a gi. This is a mistake you’d want to avoid as the collar plays a crucial role in BJJ techniques.

An ideal collar should be made from thick, stiff material (to deny your opponent a gripping advantage) without compromising your comfort. You should also know that most collars are filled with cotton, but some brands have embraced the newer trend of rubber filling for the ultimate comfort.

As a side note, some top benefits come with rubber filling, including the fact that it has a lower risk of bacteria growth and dries faster than cotton.

Gi size

The size of BJJ gi usually ranges from A0 to A6. The A stands for adult while the number represents different sizes for adults.

It is also important to note that some gi are specially designed for the female competitors. The sizes of such gi are marked in F rather than an A. Manufacturers use different letters and number schemes when it comes to gi for kids so be sure to check out every sizing chart.

Sizes for Jiu Jitsu gi can be a little tricky as it varies across different brands. Some models are pre-shrunk while others are not.

An A4 with one brand might be the same size as an A5 with another brand.

It is, therefore, up to you to check the product description and sizing chart to avoid ending up with something that’s undersize or oversize.

Where To Buy These Products?

You can buy your bjj or jiu-jitsu gi from all the leading online stores like Amazon.

Alternatively, you can visit a physical bjj store in your locale for your shopping. The advantage that comes with in-store shopping is that you get to carefully examine and fit different pieces to ensure you get the right one for you.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might visit eBay for some good deals that match your budget and help you save as much cash as possible.

All in all, it doesn’t matter where you buy your gi from. What matters is that you get the perfect one that matches your specific needs and specifics.

Be sure to use our buying guide above for easy shopping experience.

Key Differences Between Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu was the original samurai art and is sometimes known as the mother art. It consisted of everything that the samurais need to use on the battlefield. Over the years, Jiu-Jitsu was passed down from one generation to the next. And while it watered down in a few ways, it has undoubtedly become safer in other ways.

A good example is the hip throw, which initially required you to rotate around and it was your back against someone else’s back. You would have to throw your opponent so that they land on their neck. The goal was to break the opponent’s neck, which can’t always happen.

It is important to note that Jiu Jitsu encompasses many elements in different classes. Some of them include Aikido (directional throws), striking brought over from Karate and Judo among others. The main difference between Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is that the latter focuses on one of those elements and improves it 100 fold.

There is no denying that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu borrows a lot of things from Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Actually, most BJJ techniques came from Jiu Jitsu, but they are generally more relaxed with less formality.

Whereas the Jiu-Jitsu mindset is that the instructor dictates things to their students, in BJJ instructors teach and test things. The etiquette in Jiu Jitsu is that the instructor teaches and students are forced to be respectful. On the other hand, BJJ instructors teach and also work with their students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I train with a gi?

You will find Jiu Jitsu and BJJ useful both as a defensive and offensive tool. You will also discover the value of training with gi as a safe and common way to promote the practice of Jiu-Jitsu and BJJ. Wearing a gi adds a level of sophistication that helps one become a more advanced and technical fighter.

2. How does the belt ranking system work in BJJ?

There are five belts for adult students, i.e., white, blue, purple, brown and black. Most people progress between belts within 2-4 years.

White belt is the starting rank for every BJJ student and practitioners are required to remain a black belt for at least five years. After the black belt, BJJ uses a degree award system to designate time active in the art. The 7th degree is basically a black and red belt while the 10th degree is reserved for the founders of BJJ.

Additional belt colors are used for children under the age of 16.

3. What is the basic etiquette when training?

The following are some general rules Jiu Jitsu and BJJ students should adhere to when training:

  • Refrain from horseplay or interrupting when the instructor is teaching
  • Always bow and shake hands before you roll
  • Show everyone respect
  • No shoes on the mat
  • Avoid foul language
  • Be time for training sessions
  • Don’t get too aggressive when rolling
  • Keep the uniform clean and yourself adequately groomed

4. What is the difference between a gi and nogi?

A gi is usually a combination of cotton pants and jacket while a nogi is a combination of rash guard (t-shirt) with shorts.

The former makes it easy for one to slow down and use position technique instead of speed or strength. With no-gi, people mainly rely on their physical attributes.

5. Do you have to compete?

No. Most people who learn and train in either Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ don’t compete. However, competition gives anyone good reason to challenge themselves and set goals. While it is good to compete, there are no rules or regulations that require you to. Even if you don’t compete, you can get in shape and learn how to defend yourself.

6. Are you too old to train?

No. Anyone can do Jiu-Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In fact, people up to 80 years old have been known to take part.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking for the best jiu-jitsu gi or the best BJJ gi, this post will offer you great help.

When putting up this post, we consulted an experienced bjj coach on what makes a high-quality gi (or kimono, if you like) for BBJ and Jiu-Jitsu training. The information we received helped us easily the 10 top-rated gi we have reviewed for you in this post.

We recommend you to buy your gi from the list above so you’ll get to enjoy the superior fit, comfort, and durability that comes with donning a top-quality gi.

And if you go shopping at your local BJJ store, don’t forget to use the shopping tip we’ve shared with you in our buying guide section. They’ll point you directly to your ideal gi!

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