The Best Boxing Hand Wraps for 2018: Reviews and Buying Guide

Boxing is doubtlessly one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumped sports ever invented. But that shouldn’t make you forget just how brutal it is.

Until you have thrown a few punches, either at your opponent or a heavy punching bag, you may not realize just how devastating an impact the sport can have on your hands.

Trying hitting your opponent or that punch bag with bare hands and you’ll end with serious injuries…sometimes permanent! In other words, you MUST protect your hands using the best boxing hand wraps.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with boxing hand wraps, how they can help you, and the 10 best modelson the market today.

What’s a Boxing Hand Wrap?

A boxing hand wrap is a strip of cloth that boxers use to protect their hands and wrists from injuries they would otherwise suffer due to the powerful impact of their punches. You simplywrap it securely around your wrist, palm, and the base of your thumb.

The wrap is responsible for maintaining the alignment of the joints in the areas it covers. It also compresses and provides strength to your hand’s soft tissues when you are landing punches.

The traditional image of a boxer always features hand wraps. But other than boxing, you can also use hand wraps in other combat sports such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, and any other Mixed Martial Arts which involve the use of fists. You wear the hand wraps under your boxing gloves.

The boxing wraps protect you from hand injuries which are considered hazards of the boxing profession/sport. For instance, by securing the base of your thumb, it minimizes the risk of you getting a sprain or fracture which you would get if your thumb strikes your opponent’s elbow.

One of the main considerations you should make before deciding on a pair of wraps is whether you want stretchy/elastic ones or non-stretch hand wraps. The former provide a snug, comfortable fit, and the latter a tighter one. Both types have their advantages, and people have different tastes.

Towards the end of the article, I will look in detail at more of theconsiderations a buyer should make before purchase – a buying guide. But for now, let’s begin my ten reviews of the best boxing hand wraps of 2017.

10 Best Boxing Hand Wrap Reviews:

1. Everlast Evergel Hand Wraps Review:

Everlast Evergel Hand Wraps

If you want to protect your hands from the shock that would course through them due to the impact of landing your punches on your opponent, you should choose this pair of hand wraps.

Since your fists will be landing on the bone underlying your opponent’s skin, you will need protection, and that’s what you will get from this hand wrap. The Evergel protector will provide cushioning over your knuckles which will absorb the shock caused by the force of your punch’s impact.

They also feel comfortable around your hands, enabling you to relax and concentrate on boxing. The Neoprene construction sees to that. Neoprene is a rubber – as such, it provides superior, comfortable fit.

With its Velcro wrist wrap, you can be assured that the hand wrap won’t become loose when you are fighting. The Velcro ensures that the wrist wrap locks your wrist firmly in place. And the elastic straps provide much-needed support along your hands and wrists, enabling a secure fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • EverGel protector which provides cushioning over your knuckles
  • Elastic straps which provide anatomical support along your hands and wrists
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro wrist wrap locks wrist firmly in place
  • Neoprene construction provides extra comfort

2. Everlast Professional Hand Wraps Reviews:

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

Everlast is a proven brand where you can get the best boxing hand wraps which give excellent service. This particular pair of cool boxing wraps will protect your hands, enabling you to keep fighting for an extended period.

They are just what you need to prevent your joints, muscles, and tendons from receiving terrible punishment as you slam your fists into a heavy bag with high energy.

After an extended period of use, your wraps begin to get sweaty. Considering the high-energy pounding you are meting out on the punching bag, this is only natural.

Unfortunately, sweaty hand wraps can become breeding grounds for bacteria. This pair of hand wraps from Everlast has Everfresh anti-microbial treatment that fights bad odors and bacteria. As a result, you can rely on them to be fresher than the alternatives.

Each wrap consists of 180 inches of nylon/polyester blend material which you can machine wash. The material is breathable and gives you an unmatched level of comfort when you wrap it around your hands.

The hand wraps come with hooks and loops which make it easier for you to wrap them around your hands and ensure they fit securely. For that reason, you will use them without fear of them becoming loose. And thanks to the thumb strap, they are also quite easy to use.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Thumb strap enables ease of use
  • Hook and loop closure ensures secure fit
  • Synthetic

3. Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-Inch Hand Wraps for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA Review:

Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-Inch Hand Wraps for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA

Are you looking for the best hand wraps for boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing? Look no further. These Sanabul hand wraps tick off all the necessary boxes where quality and excellent performance are concerned.

Before stowing your hand wraps in your locker or wherever you store them, it is prudent to let them air dry. After a workout session, your hand wraps are most likely sweaty, which will make them smelly or encourage the growth of bacteria.

Fortunately, these hand wraps are fast-drying, so you won’t have to wait too long for them to air dry when you are done using them for the day. And on the same issue of sweat, you will be glad to know that they are made of breathable material. Such fabrics absorb and release perspiration quickly.

If you are tired of traditional hand wraps, this product is the best replacement. What I like about them is how well they fit around the hands, stretching to conform to the shape of your hands. In this regard, they have the upper hand over traditional hand wraps.

The polyester fabric ensures that they give you a secure, comfortable fit which will help you enjoy your workout. The thumb loop and Velcro closure are also responsible for the secure fit.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Thumb loop and Velcro closure which ensure the wraps are securely in place around your hands
  • Breathable and fast-drying
  • 180-inch length is ideal for professionals or amateur for boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or MMA
  • Breathable and fast drying
  • Material is stretchable and fits better than traditional hand wraps

4. RDX Training, Fist Protector, Inner Gloves Hand Wraps for Boxing, MMA Review:

RDX Training, Fist Protector, Inner Gloves Hand Wraps for Boxing, MMA

If you are looking for the best boxing wraps for training, these ones from RDX should be part of your top choices.

As training hand wraps, these boxing mitts will not disappoint. They have padded knuckles that can absorb a high amount of shock, thus ensuring maximum protection.

The padding also contributes to the sense of comfort. When your hands feel comfortable, you can relax and give 100% attention to your boxing session.

The Velcro closing enables easy on and off. It also ensures that you have a secure fit. Loose wraps are distracting.

​Highlighted Features:

  • 75 cm long wrap around cotton bandage with Velcro closing
  • Woven carbon fiber fabric that has thumb hole and stitched fingers
  • Padded knuckle mitt that absorbs shock, ensuring protection and comfort
  • Gel integrated aero foam padded knuckle

5. Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, and Boxing Training Review:

For the best Mexican style hand wraps, do consider this Ringside product. At a 180-inch length, the wraps enable boxers to protect what are, to them, their most valuable assets: their hands, and their wrists, and the bones underneath.

Mexican style is the name given to elastic hand wraps. Traditional hand wraps are not stretchy and provide a tighter fit. But Mexican style wraps, such as this one, are stretchy. They are the best choice for the boxer who prefers comfort rather than a tight fit.

The material is semi-elastic and a cotton blend. Rather than tightly compress your skin, it obeys the shape of your hands and bones. Due to the superb comfort and support, your boxing performance should soar.

It is not by accident that Mexican style hand wraps have become so popular. With a comfortable fit, one can relax, and enjoy the boxing session.

The hook and loop closure makes it easier for you to get them on and off rapidly. The hooks and loops also ensure that the wrap holds on securely around your hand.

They are available for purchase in one color of your choice – a range of ten colors: blue, black, red, gold, pink, neon green, neon orange, white, neon purple, and neon green. You can machine wash the wraps with hand wrap wash bag.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Mexican style hand wraps of 180-inch length
  • Made of slightly elastic cotton blend material which provides comfort and support
  • Comes with thumb loop for safety and convenient hook and loop closure to ensure quick on and off
  • Protect the bones of the hands and wrists
  • Machine washable with hand wrap wash bag

6. Pro Impact Mexican Style Elastic 180-Inch One-Pair Hand Wraps for Boxing/MMA Review:

If you are looking for Mexican style hand wraps that you can wear when you are boxing, kickboxing, or doing aerobics, Muay Thai, or any Mixed Martial Arts that require the use of fists, these Pro Impact hand wraps may be just what the doctor ordered.

They are 180 inches long. And the material is elastic. It easily conforms to the shape and outline of your hands. This comes in handy when you ball them up into fists.

Non-conforming material would give you a challenge there, making your hand feel too tightly wrapped. But these hand wraps swell and expand to shape your fists for maximum comfort and support for your hands.

​Highlighted Features

  • Machine Washable
  • Ideal for Boxing, Kickboxing. Muay Thai, aerobics, MMA
  • Elastic conforming material
  • 180-Inch length with Velcro closure
  • Mexican style

7. Meister MMA, Adult, 180-Inch, Three-Pairs Pack Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing Review:

As the name suggests, this Meister MMA product may be the best hand wraps for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). They are also ideal for boxing, Muay Thai, and other combat sports. These sports may look fun when you are a spectator, but they are brutal for the fighters.

When participating in these brutal sports, you must worry about matters such as wrist support, hand support, and knuckle protection. And that’s the useful service you will receive from these hand wraps.

The material comprises a blend of cotton and spandex, and has enough stretching capability to conform to the shape of your hands. As such, you can adjust the tightness of the wraps to suit your preferences for optimal support and comfort.

The hand wraps come with a large Velcro strap and strong thumb loop. As a result, the wraps remain snug and secure throughout the period of your workout.

And they come in three pairs. Each pair of hand wraps has a different color: you have black, red, and white. Why wear the same pair of wraps every day?

​Highlighted Features:

  • Three pairs: black, red, and white
  • 180-inch length
  • Provides excellent wrist support, hand support, and knuckle protection without adding excessive bulk under gloves
  • Comes with oversized Velcro strap and strong thumb loop to ensure the wraps are snug and secure during the entire workout
  • High-quality cotton and spandex blend provides support and comfort
  • Ideal for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and other combat sports

8. Everlast Pink Women’s Evergel Hand Wraps Review:

What is appropriate for men, may not always be appropriate for women. And so if you are looking for the best boxing hand wraps for women, do not pass up these pink Evergel hand wraps. They come in sizes medium and large.

They are just what a woman needs to raise her training momentum a notch or so higher. They incorporate a state-of-the-art gel material which enables the dissipation of impact energy every time you land a punch. Give your poor knuckles some relief.

The design is an improvement over past models. The new design shows improvement in matters functionality and durability. As such, you can expect ease of use as well as long-lasting service.

Women, even more than men, have a greater need for comfortable and secure fit, and these hand wraps provide hat. With full wrist wrap strap, you can count on them for superior wrist support. It also enables you to adjust the fit more easily and customize it to your taste.

​Highlighted Features:

  • State-of-the-art gel material that dissipates impact and protects knuckles during training
  • Full-wrist wrap strap which provides superior wrist support, and enables a customizable fit
  • New design that improves functionality and durability, and makes gloves easier to use
  • Features Evergel technology

9. Ringside Quick Wrap Gel Shock Hand Glove Wraps for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, and Boxing Training Review:

The best boxing wraps are comfortable and fit securely, qualities you can expect from these Ringside hand glove wraps. By conforming to the outline and shape of your hands, the wraps ensure that your hands are always comfortable.

They are also rather easy to slide on and off. Wear them underneath your gloves in place of traditional hand wraps. The full wrap-around, together with the hook and loop closure, will ensure the wraps are secure around your wrists.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to slide on
  • Comfortable and conforming glove with gel knuckle for superior protection
  • Full wrap-around strap with hook and loop closure secures your wrist

10. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps Review:

These Venum hand wraps comprise of a stretchy/elastic cotton material. When you put them on, they wrap around the shape of your hands just as it is.

When you ball your fists, the material does not become taut; instead, it stretches and conforms to the shape of your clenched fists. It is this quality that enables the wraps to give you a superior level of comfort and perfect fit.

No one likes a loose pair of hand wraps. The ideal is secure fit, with the wraps firmly in place around your hands. In this case, the fit is perfect thanks to the Velcro fasteners which ensure the wraps are not loose but rather secure.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Elasticated Hand Wraps
  • Stretch Cotton for comfortable fit
  • Velcro fasteners enable perfect fit
  • Excellent hand protection and support

Things to Look for before Getting the Best Boxing Hand Wraps

1. Size

The size of hand wraps varies. Most of the wraps I have reviewed here have a length of 180 inches – that is the most common size. Another common size is 120 inches.

Longer hand wraps tend to be a tad cumbersome as it means you have to make extra revolutions around your hand which may make your gloves hard to fit.

Different individuals need wraps of different lengths. It depends on the size of your hands. The larger your hands are, the more cloth you will need to wrap around them. It might take a bit of trial and error on your part before you find your optimally sized hand wrap.

2. Stretch or Non-Stretch

Elastic hand wraps are a relatively recent innovation. Traditional wraps are made of cotton, and you can wash and reuse them after each use if you wish. They do not stretch.

Elastic hand wraps are popularly referred to as “Mexican style” since they are the modern equivalent of a gauze bandage hand wrap that was formerly made in Mexico.

Due to the stretching capability, Mexican style hand wraps are more comfortable. Naturally, they are quite popular. But they are also more expensive than the traditional, non-stretch hand wraps. Just like traditional ones, they are washable and reusable.

Also, non-stretch wraps will maintain their form longer while elastic ones stretch out of shape after an extended period of use. You won’t replace non-elastic hand wraps as much as you would elastic ones.

When it comes to deciding on stretch versus non-stretch, it’s a balance of pros and cons – but in the end, it’s all about what feels right to you. Some people like the tighter fit of a traditional hand wrap. But if you are one of those boxers who prefer a more comfortable fit, the elastic hand wrap is for you.

3. Gel Wraps

Are gel wraps really hand wraps? Not exactly – they look different, and they feel different. Rather than wrap them around your hand, you simply slip them on like gloves – but they are not gloves.

The main advantage is their ability to cut on time. All that time you would have spent running the wrap around your hand can be put to better use – like getting started on your boxing session already.

If you are looking for something practical, if you are looking for convenience, then by all means purchase a pair of gel wraps.

4. Training or Competition

While you have the freedom to choose any hand wrap for boxing training, competition wraps are subject to strict rules. Boxing competitions must adhere to rules set by governing bodies and professional bodies.

One of these rules is that boxers should wear gauze wraps. The gauze should be secured using medical tape. You must also adhere to the specific length of gauze or tape per hand as per the boxing organizations’ instructions.

If you are entering yourself into a competition, consult the governing body’s rulebook, or seek the counsel of your trainer.

Final Verdict:

The logic behind any combat sport is for your opponent to get hurt, not you. When you hit your opponent with punch after punch, you want to knock him or her out. But if you don’t take care, you might be the one leaving the ring with injuries.

Hand wraps are necessary. Without them, boxers would suffer more injuries than they already do. So if you want to be a professional boxer, this is something you must buy. And that’s why I prepared the ten reviews you have just read.

Purchase any of these hand wraps for superior protection when boxing.

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