Best Boxing Headgear Reviews of 2018 – Buying Guide

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will need headgear if you are going to successfully engage in the sport of boxing for an extended period.

The impact of powerful punches upon your head or face is not something to trifle with. Boxing is not a tame sport.

For that reason, I did some investigating in a bid to discover the best boxing headgear. I found ten, which I will tell you about shortly.

What is a Boxing Headgear?

Boxing is a dangerous sport. If you fight without covering your head with anything, you might end up being severely injured. Boxing headgear is what professional boxers wear to protect their heads from the impact of punches thrown by their opponents.

You will need boxing headgear either for training or competition. Training headgear tends to be heavier, with extra padding, and protects a larger area of your face and head.

The best headgear for competitions, on the other hand, is lightweight. What it lacks in protection, it more than makes up for in enabling faster speed and agility. If you are looking for competition headgear, ensure that it adheres to the competition’s guidelines.

In this article, you will find about the different brands that operate in the boxing headgear market. Each of these brands and models has unique benefits and limitations. Read on to find out to discover the best headgear for nose protection, head protection, and so forth.

10 Best Boxing Headgear Reviews:

1. EverlastEverfresh Headgear Review:

EverlastEverfresh Headgear

When you are fighting in the ring, you will need headgear that fits securely around your head. If the headgear is loose, it will feel strange and uncomfortable, and distract you from focusing on the fighting.

This product from Everlast has a chin strap that you can adjust to suit the particular shape or size of your head. As a result, you will have a secure fit that doesn’t shift when you are moving. And don’t worry about the size of your head. This headgear’s adjustable closures can fit most adult head sizes.

Boxing is an inherently dangerous sport. You can lose your teeth, get bruises on your face, break your nose, and so forth. The best boxing headgear can protect you from some of these injuries.

This one, for instance, comes with cheek protectors that cushion and protect the side of your jaw or cheek from the blows your opponent lands upon your face.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable chin strap to give a secure fit
  • Adjustable closures which can fit most adult head sizes
  • Cheek protectors which ensure safety and visibility
  • Speed bag made of rugged and resilient Everhide

2. RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing MMA Protector Headgear:

RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing MMA Protector Headgear

Balled fists thrown with force at an opponent are devastating, and not just to the person receiving the blows, but also to the material of his or her headgear. If yours is made of flimsy material, the constant battering will make it vulnerable to wear and tear. This RDX headgear is made from resilient Maya hide leather and is highly durable.

Shock absorption can mitigate the impact of fists on the headgear. This headgear has a foam padding which will absorb most of the high-intensity shock. This has two beneficial effects: it protects your jaw and face from the strength of the punches, and it protects the headgear itself for greater durability.

Not only can you use it to protect your head when boxing, but you can also wear it for Muay Thai, kickboxing, and other Mixed Martial Arts.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable Quick-Ez Velcro closure
  • Shock absorbent gel tech integrated padding which ensures safety, protection, and efficiency
  • Shell-Shock based Tri-Slab Max-Shock foam padding which provides high-intensity shock absorption
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction which makes the head guard durable
  • Optional and removable high-quality plastic-encased face-grill which ensures protection

3. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear:

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

When fighting, your speed is just as important as the strength of your punches. If you don’t move fast enough, your opponent will land more punches upon your head. A weighty headgear will slow you down considerably.

And that’s why you need something lightweight like this Venum Challenger 2.0 headgear. It will ensure you have smooth and fluid head movement.

If you don’t take care, blows and punches which land on your head can cause substantial damage. But with this headgear, the triple-density contoured foam will protect you from cranial trauma. As such, it makes your boxing sessions safer. It protects your head, your cheeks, your ears, and your chin.

Some headgears mess up with your visibility. That means you can’t see your opponent clearly when you are fighting. This Venum headgear enables you to maintain visibility of the opponent while still giving you excellent protection from their punches.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Triple density contoured foam
  • One size fits all
  • Skintex leather construction
  • Flexible two-way Velcro closure

4. Everlast 7420 MMA Headgear Review:

Everlast 7420 MMA Headgear

The Everlast 7420 headgear is ideal for both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. The best thing about it is its use of Level-II advanced technology and high-end materials. As a result, you can rely on it to give you excellent, long-lasting service.

The first thing a boxer considers when choosing new boxing headgear is safety. Some have suffered head injuries and worse from blows impacting on their heads with tremendous force. To help you guard against such, this headgear incorporates closed cell technology. You can leap into the ring with enthusiasm, fearing nothing.

As a bonus, it also comes with an instructional boxing workout which helps you get into the best shape and become a better boxer. This headgear is ideal for sparring

Due to the heavy sweating you undergo when wearing it, your headgear may become fertile breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. And let’s not even talk about the foul odors that emanates from it.

Fortunately, you can avoid such problems by purchasing this Everlast headgear. Thanks to its Everfresh antimicrobial treatment which fights bacterial growth as well as offensive odors, you can rest assured that your headgear will be safe and fresh-smelling.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Made for sparring
  • Level-II advanced technology and high-end materials used
  • Comes with instructional boxing workout
  • Everfresh antimicrobial treatment
  • Closed Cell Technology which ensures head safety

5. Ringside Competition Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Sparring Headgear without Cheeks:

Ringside Competition Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Sparring Headgear without Cheeks

The Ringside Competition Headgear has been used in various Mixed Martial Arts such as Muay Thai. In boxing, it is ideal for sparring.

The most prominent characteristic of the headgear is that it is cheekless. Not everyone will go for this, of course. Most people would prefer to protect their faces. But for experienced boxers who are not afraid to take direct hits now and then, it offers an advantage.

Since it does not have cheeks, it is not cramped at all and gives you more breathing room. But most important is the unimpeded visibility it affords you. As I said earlier, visibility is critical when boxing, especially when you are fighting a fast or crafty boxer.

Sudden, quick movements, if they come at you unawares, can cost you dearly. With this cheekless headgear, you will see everything clearly, and will not be caught off-guard.

Since it has approval from USA Boxing, you can use it for boxing competitions. The laminated foam system is just what you need to ensure your head is protected from the impact of your opponent’s punches. Plus, it is made of leather – both on the inside and the exterior.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Top quality laminated foam system and latest protective advancements
  • Approved by USA Boxing
  • Leather construction inside and out

6. Ringside Competition Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Sparring Headgear with Cheeks:

This Ringside Competition Headgear is the opposite of the previous one. While the other one did not have cheeks, this one does. You can also use it for Muay Thai and other Mixed Martial Arts as well as boxing. It is the best boxing headgear for sparring.

Its design is sleek and contoured, with the carved cheeks at the sides. These carved cheeks are padded to protect your bare skin from the flying fists of your opponent.

If a boxer hits you hard enough, he or she may cause you to lose a tooth or two. The padded cheeks protect your face, ensuring you have a safer time boxing.

Sweat comes as part of the territory. You can’t stop yourself from sweating. When you are boxing, you are operating at high-energy levels, and before long you find that your perspiration is sinking into the material of your headgear. For that reason, this one has a soft suede lining which absorbs the sweat.

Good design takes a product’s functionality into consideration. That is so with this Ringside Competition headgear. The laminated foam system disperses the impact of your opponent’s punches.

For that reason, you can face him or her without fear. The best boxers/fighters are those who are not afraid to take a hit. The foam system enables you to have more courage on the ring so that you can give the activity your full focus.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Approved by USA Boxing
  • Sleek, contoured design with curved cheek protections
  • Durable leather construction
  • Soft suede lining which absorbs sweat
  • High-quality laminated foam system which disperses impact, enabling you to focus safely on sparring and fighting

7. Venum Elite Headgear:

One of the disadvantages of old school boxing headgear is the bulkiness which ends up obscuring a boxer’s vision. This one from Venum is different. It enables high peripheral vision, giving you an open 180-degree view.

When you wear it, you can easily spot any punches or kicks (if you are using it for Muay Thai) coming your way.

With its triple density contoured foam, it will give you adequate protection for your chin, eyes, cheeks, and ears.

It comprises 100% skintex leather construction which enables you to give excellent fighting performances. The skintex leather can withstand a good pounding, and so you will use it for a long time.

The lightness of the headgear is ideal for fast-paced boxing. You can react quickly, moving fast whenever you notice a punch coming at you. Heavy headgear makes it difficult for you to move your head out of the way fast enough.

It fits securely on your head, so it won’t feel loose or awkward when you are wearing it. The comfortable fit enables you to relax and just feel good in your skin. This will boost your spirits – in many cases, a simple thing like how a boxer feels can affect the quality of his or her fighting.

Sweat causes foul odors and bacterial growth, two things no one wants in their headgear. And that’s why you should purchase this one.

It comes with an open-top design and mesh which improves the evacuation of any moisture or perspiration. This will come in handy when fighting on sweltering afternoons in a stuffy gym.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Triple density contoured foam which enables shock absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Specific face design enables optimum protection and open 180-degree vision
  • Skintex leather construction ensures durability

8. Title Boxing Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear:

If you want to be a boxing champion, you should consider getting yourself the best headgear for boxing. Title is a proven brand in the boxing gear industry. For instance, the gel lining and multi-layered sleek design foam of this headgear will ensure it fits perfectly on your head. It will feel comfortable and, not loose at all.

The foam will also provide resistance to the impact of your opponent’s blows, and protect your head, face, cheeks, ears, and forehead. This is due to the fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears, and back of the head. As a result, you get an optimal wraparound coverage which will ensure as much area as possible is covered and protected.

It has a convenient rear entry design which makes it easier to put on and off compared with other headgears on the market.

The hook-and-loop rear closure comes with leather and elastic top which makes perfect custom adjustments.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in two sizes: large and regular; regular size denotes small/medium
  • Regular: 6-3/8 to 7-1/8 inches, 20-3/4 to 22-1/4 inches, and up to 150 pounds
  • Large: 7-1/4 to 8 inches, 22-5/8 to 25 inches, and 150 pounds and above
  • Has gel lining and multi-layered sleek design foam
  • Fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears, and back
  • Rear entry design which makes on and off easy
  • Hook-and-loop rear closure with leather and elastic top which enable custom adjustments
  • All-leather build with added chin protection

9. Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar:

Cleto Reyes is respected as one of the high-end brands in boxing wear. And this traditional headgear from the brand does not disappoint. It has an excellent three-point anatomical fit. Comfortable and secure fit is one of the critical factors to consider when shopping for headgear. You don’t want something loose and ill-fitting.

And this headgear does fit securely and comfortably – plus, the chin strap is adjustable. Since we all have unique head shapes and sizes, this adjustability enables each person who dons the headgear to have a comfortable, natural fit.

It is made of natural leather. The pounding headgears have to undergo in the ring is severe and brutal. Poor quality material cannot survive it. But natural leather can take a beating for days. With this headgear, you can expect durability and long-lasting service.

Due to the excellent vision angle, you can view your opponent with unimpeded clarity. Any movements they make will be instantly discernible, enabling you to react quickly.

Some headgears make it difficult to view movements that come from the sides/periphery, and that can cost you dearly on the ring.

It comes with latex padding which will protect your head and face from the impact of your opponent’s punches. The padding absorbs the shock, thus significantly reducing the force of impact.

What might have been a knockout punch instead becomes a regular blow, enabling you to last longer in the ring, which should give you more opportunities to best your opponent.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Natural leather
  • Excellent vision angle
  • Protective, lightweight front bar and latex foam padding
  • Hook and loop rear closure, adjustable chin strap and lace for top adjustment
  • Excellent three-point anatomical fit

10. Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear:

This Ringside Deluxe boxing headgear is one of the most protective sparring headgear you will find on the market. Once you put it on, your head will be protected from punches that directly hit your face.

It has an efficient design that reduces the potential target surface. At the same time, the design allows you a full range of vision. With this headgear on, your opponent won’t be sneaking in unexpected blows.

The sense of sight is highly crucial for the success of a boxer, and once that is compromised, it will be difficult for the boxer to keep up with his opponent. This headgear ensures that does not happen.

Imagine a hot, stuffy gym, and you are fighting in the afternoon. No doubt you will sweat profusely. And most headgears don’t help either. They aggravate the situation, making you feel even hotter and stuffier, and the skin pores just open up.

But this headgear is different. It has liner aids that wick away the moisture. Consequently, you can remain cool and comfortable even with the sweltering heat around you. The relaxed sense of focus you gain from this cannot be gainsaid. It enables you to continue fighting at your best.

And if you are looking for something built to last, do not pass up this Ringside Deluxe headgear. It is made of durable leather which can withstand the brutal boxing environment. It also has a buckle chin strap.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable rear closure and lace top which enables the headgear to be form fitted
  • Moisture wicking liner which enables quick drying while keeping your head cool and comfortable
  • Efficient design which narrows potential target surface while providing a full range of vision

What to Look for before Getting the Best Boxing Headgear

1. Type of Headgear

There are two types of boxing headgear. You should choose yours by considering what you want to do with it. Do you want headgear for training or to use in competitions?

Training headgear tends to have extra padding so as to give more protection to your face and back of the head. The extra padding makes them heavier.

Competition headgear, on the other hand, have a greater level of uniformity because they must adhere to similar competition guidelines. They also offer less protection to your face and are, therefore, often have an open-face design.

Since the competition headgear has less padding and covers less area, it is lighter, enabling the fighter to move more fluidly.

2. Fit

How well does the headgear fit your head? Consider that we all have unique head shapes and sizes. What might fit snugly for me might be either too tight or too loose for you. For that reason, you should try out different headgear when you go shopping.

If your head feels trapped in the headgear, take another pick. Instead, it should cradle your head.

3. Visibility

Eyesight is the most critical of the five senses for a boxer. A good headgear allows the boxer to view his opponent with clarity. Any sudden, quick movements made by the opponent are instantly discernible.

If you note that a particular headgear is limiting your field of vision, do not purchase it.

4. Protection vs Weight

The buyer must make a tradeoff between protection and weight. When more parts of the face and head are protected, and the padding is extra thick, the headgear will be heavier.

On the other hand, lightweight headgear may cover less area and have less padding. But it will give the boxer freedom to move swiftly. It may even have better visibility.

Final Verdict:

If you want to last long enough as a boxer to be a champion, you must use headgear. You have just read ten boxing headgear reviews that should help you decide which one will suit you the most.

Considering the factors I have enumerated, choose any of these ten headgear, and make your boxing sessions safer.

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