The Best Boxing Shoes Of 2018: Reviews and Buying Guide

Did you know that a boxing shoe is one of the most overlooked boxing gear by nearly all beginners?

That’s probably because their boxing coach forgot to take them through this important lesson- the benefits that come with the best boxing shoes.

Now get it from me:

These shoes can make a huge impact in your new career. They improve your mobility, comfort, speed, and even power. That is, they make you feel comfortable in all stances and positions you take…and with support, you can move better, faster, and with more power.

I might explain this all day, but until you experience it, you might not really get it.

So, how about trying the 10 top-rated shoes for boxers I’m about to list below?

PS: Before I give you the list of the popular boxing shoes, let me give you a clear picture of what a boxing shoe is like (and how it’s different from the standard shoe)…

What's a Boxing Shoe?

A boxing shoe is the most important part of your boxing gear, right after boxing gloves.


You might ask:

A great pair of boxing shoes allow you to move around more efficiently- like a real boxer- in the boxing-specific positions and stances.

The fact that it’s a highly specialized shoe enables it to provide you with mobility, support, and foot speed.

Surprisingly, these shoes can help you reach your full boxing potential.

That is, they offer you stability, which lets you firmly plant your feet- so that you can get the most out of every punch you throw.

Additionally, it’s designed to give you the ultimate traction- helping you move around quickly.

If you combine the stability and traction offered by your shoe, you’ll truly get an edge over your opponent in the ring!

10 Best Boxing Shoes Review:

1. Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe Review:

When going round for round in your boxing matches, you’ll need the Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe to keep your ankle fully supported and help you move swiftly.

The premium boot is perfect for medium to advanced level boxers, with a combination of Silver Metallic/Black/White colors that makes it appealing to the eye.

Because the upper part is made from synthetic leather material, this is one of the most durable shoes you’ll ever find on the market. What’s more the material is incredibly soft, which ensures your feet feel comfortable all through your boxing session. The full rubber outsole further enhances the shoes durability.

Cushioning is well taken care of in the midsole section whose foam excellently absorbs shock- taking the comfort feeling a notch higher.

When it comes to giving you’re the maximum support you need when engaging in sparing or actual boxing sessions, this shoe does not disappoint. And that’s because of its high-cut design plus ankle strap that that keeps your feet locked in and well-supported.

In addition to the synthetic material, the upper section of the bot also features mesh fabric. This promotes free air flow, so your feet won’t flood in sweat.

Judging from all the above features and quality material design, there’s not a single doubt that these are the best boxing boots for all serious boxers out there.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic leather material
  • Synthetic sole
  • High-cut design
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Foam midsole
  • Ankle strap
  • Color: Patent - Delta - Silver Metallic/Black/White

2. Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes Review:

Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes. It’s a contemporarily styled shoe that represents the new generation of high-performance boxing ring footwear.

Like all the other high-quality shoes that made it to this list, this shoe scores highly in terms of durability- thanks to its patent vinyl leather finish.

On top of his finish, it features a breathable nylon mesh pattern that allows maximum flow of air and out of the shoe- preventing sweating from your feet from derailing your performance.

It comes with a non-slip rubber sole which firmly grips your feet on the slippery boxing ring floor. A better grip translates to safety, comfort and better stability. And this puts you in a position to throw powerful, tactical punches that will make your opponent curse like a devil.

The boxing-specific shoe comes with a low top ankle design which not only eases your movements around the ring but also promotes ankle support. Also, don’t forget the lacing pattern that runs from the bottom of the shoe all the way up to further enhance your feet support.

Whether you’re a male or female boxer, you’ll find your right sizing of this shoe. Refer to the sizing manual for more details (For women, remember this rule: men size 5= women size 7).

And oh! Don’t forget the shoes come in all colors for men and only pink for women.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Contemporarily styled boxing shoes
  • Patent vinyl leather finish
  • Low top ankle promotes ease of movement and ankle support
  • Breathable nylon mesh fabric
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Comes in a variety of sizes

3. TITLE Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes Review:

TITLE Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes

Also known as Title Lo-Top, the Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes look similar to the Ringside shoes…with the exception that they only rise to a mid-height. Other differences revolve around the material used in the shoe construction.

This Speed-Flex features full synthetic leather upper which makes it a durable shoe ready to you through many, many rounds in the ring.

In addition to the durable synthetic leather, the shoes also comes with nylon mesh woven material for…you guessed it right...breathability reasons. This ensures that the seat being excreted by your feet does not draw your focus from the match in front of you, increasing your chances of becoming a winner.

If you’re the boxer who requires superior support when boxing, then this is the show for you. It conveniently laces all the way up past your ankles. Add this to its high ankle height design and you got the maximum support you need for your boxing.

Despite all the support offered by these shoes, they feel incredibly light on your feet…an important feature that prevents you from getting fatigued quickly.

On top of the high performance, these shoes are also truly stylish. They come in a variety of vibrant colors so that you can pick that perfectly matches your boxers’ shorts.

Factor in the pocket friendly price that comes with these boxing shoes and you’ll agree with me that it’s a real deal for any real boxer out there.

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Full synthetic leather upper plus tight weave nylon fit
  • Designed for quick footwork and speed
  • Approx. height- 6.”
  • Available in different colors and sizes

4. Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes Review:

Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

If you’re looking for cheap boxing shoes whose performance is comparable to that of the highly priced models, then you should consider looking into the Ringside Undefeated High Top Boxing Shoes. And yes, they’re indeed undefeated- right from performance in the boxing ring to their eye-grabbing style.

This pair doesn’t have many differences from the other Ringside we reviewed above.

The only notable difference is in terms of ankle height…with this particular model featuring a high-top ankle design. Needless to mention, this assures you of great support that you dearly need in the boxing ring.

It also laces up past your ankle- for a more tremendous support of your feet. Keep in mind that the more the support, the more easier it is to remain planted on the floor as you throw punches and defend yourself.

Something else amazing about this incredibly lightweight shoe is the fact that it fits boxers who have wider feet very well.

Like all the other Ringside shoes, the Undefeated model comes with a fair pricing compared to what they offer you when you have your moment in the ring. They come in different colors and sizes- which makes finding your perfect fit and style much easier.

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Undefeated style and performance
  • Sport-specific shoes with patent leather vinyl finish
  • High-top ankle for excellent support
  • Breathable nylon mesh
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Available in different sizes

5. Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker Review:

Halfway our boxing shoes review list, we introduce another boxing boot from Reebok- the Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker. Actually, they’re among the best professional boxing shoes on the market today.

Like the other Reebok we discussed earlier, this boot-buck is highly durable and comfortable. And it gives you unparalleled traction and freedom of movement that hugely impacts your ring performance.

They’re made using extremely tough, durable and lightweight nubuck material. The added synthetic material helps them feel light on your feet- this is necessary for maintaining a swift foot movement when in action.

The fact that they’re also well ventilated- thanks to the mesh fabric material- means they’ll keep your feet dry all through the boxing sessions.

The inner side of the shoes gives your feet a soft, comfortable feeling. Like the other Reeboks, they also come with a cushioned midsole for added comfort and support. The built-in ankle strap and past ankle lacing pattern also meet to give your feet superior support- for better stability and improved performance!

The shoes are really stylish and come in a variety of sizes to make them available to all boxers.

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic construction
  • Synthetic sole
  • Synthetic nubuck upper
  • Shaft measures about low-top from the arch
  • Ankle strap for added support
  • EVA midsole for cushioning
  • Full rubber outsole for durability and traction

6. RIVAL Boxing Boots-RSX One-High Tops Review:

Lightweight, excellent traction, and different styles to pick from. If this line defines your ideal type o boxing shoe, then consider buying the RIVAL Boxing Boots-RSX One-High Tops. It’s a well-designed shoe and a favorite for many boxers, given that it helps you hit your full potential in a boxing match.

Staring with the basics, the shoes has been engineered for maximum durability. That is, it comes with cowhide suede upper plus a durable outsole which make it last for uncountable rounds. Along the synthetic, it features fully ventilated mesh and breathable sock liner. These allow maximum air flow, thus cooling your feet as you face your opponent.

Although this shoe is labeled as a high top, they’re not as high as the boxing bots from other manufacturers (they’re around 8.5” high to be precise). Despite this, they offer you exceptional support around your foot and ankle (and they do this without necessarily doing a lot of lacing as it’s the case with most boxing shoes out there).

At 350g only, you’ll concur with me that this is an ultra-lightweight shoe that will keep fatigue from catching up with your feet as you move around the ring. The think flexible outsole offers you an enhanced grip that promotes your stability on the slippery ring floor so that you can throw powerful punches from all angles and positions.

Above all, the pair looks really stylish on your feet. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can easily one that suits your style and foot size.

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Fabric and synthetic construction
  • Fully ventilated mesh
  • Thin, flexible and durable outsole
  • Ergonomic outsole with superior cushioning
  • High-top profile for excellent support
  • Height: 8.5”; weight: 350g

7. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe Review:

Another pair of professional boxing shoes I’d recommend you to buy comes from the brand Otomix…what makes the Otomix Boxing Shoe different from the rest is the superior stability, support and unlimited motion range it offers you in the boxing floor. Apparently, these are the three most important aspects that will give you an edge over your opponent.

The ultra-lightweight shoe features an attractive design, with the leather/polyester material construction…not forgetting the super lightweight rubber soles. Most boxers had admitted to buying these shoes do to their high levels of comfort and lightweight design that enables them to make quick moves in the ring.

The thin sole firmly grips on the slippery ring floor so that you can achieve the stability you need to deliver powerful, well-timed punches against your opponent. Despite the superior grip, the shoe allows you to quickly pivot your foot as you defend yourself or face your opponent.

Other factors that make this shoe a professional-level model include the mesh fabric material for breathability and extra ankle support.

It also comes in attractive colors to extend your choices as well as different sizes so that you can find your perfect fit.

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Suede
  • Lightweight yet durable shoe
  • Made from leather and synthetic
  • Extra ankle support
  • Thin sole with excellent grip
  • Ideal for boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding, weightlifting, MMA, and martial arts

8. Ringside Ring Master Boxing Shoes Review:

The Ringside Ring Master Boxing Shoes also come with budget friendly pricing to give the boxers experiencing hard economic times a feel of what a specialized boxing shoe does. But don’t the cheap pricing fool you.

This shoe comes with all the features of highly priced models to help take your ring performance to the stars.

One of the most notable aspects of this shoe is grooved rubber soles. These do an excellent job at providing a firm grip on the ring floor. This is critical in helping you plant your feet on the floor and achieve maximum stability.

With the maximum stability comes powerful punches in all angle/stances you can think of…and ultimately a winning edge!

The pair also comes with a lightweight, speed inducing design. This helps prevent your feet from feeling fatigued in the later rounds of the match, while allowing you to make a wider range of motions in the ring.

As a high-top style boxing shoe, with lacing that runs way above the ankle, this shoe guarantees you of the ultimate foot and ankle support in your boxing career.

It comes in different sizes and colors so that all boxers (women included) can get their ideal size and style.

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Grooved rubber sole
  • Extra ankle support
  • Lightweight, speed inducing boxing shoe
  • Constructed from mesh/suede

9. TITLE Hyper Speed Elite Boxing Shoes Review:

If you’re in dire need for the best shoes for boxing training, you can never go wrong with the TITLE Hyper Speed Elite Boxing Shoes. This is an incredibly light and stunning pair of boxing shoes that enjoys wide usage across the glove for its never-disappointing performance.

Looking at its design…it features a durable synthetic leather upper plus precision integrated double-weave micromesh nylon insert to give you a sizzling show! The micromesh in particular helps promote a cool, dry performance.

It comes with polyurethane rubber soles that are smartly crafted for fast and speedy footwork while spoiling you with loads of incredible pivots and traction. Besides, it has a full length double lasted midsole to give promote a lower center of gravity (and total foot control).

Its sleek and low height (7 inches) ensures superior speed, grip and ring performance.

The fully padded tongue heel arch support takes your feet comfort to a whole new level.

As a bonus, the manufacturer shops the pair with a quality drawstring carry bag so that you can conveniently put the shoes in your gym bag. Being a mesh bag, it also allows the shoes to freely “breathe” and air out when not in use.

For all these features at a fantastic cost, you’ve not reason as to why you shouldn’t buy these shoes for your boxing training!

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Leather synthetic upper
  • Micromesh insert
  • Polyurethane rubber soles
  • Height: 7.”
  • Quality drawstring mesh carry bag included

10. Adidas HVC2 Speed Shoe Review:

Before I close my list of the best boxing shoes, allow me to introduce you to this Adidas HVC2 Speed Shoe. Don’t think that it’s a low-quality shoe because it appeared last on our list of reviews. It comes from Adidas and that makes it a top-quality boxing shoe, with quality features, with a reasonable pricing!

The shoes combines suede and synesthetic leather to give you a lightweight feeling. It also features a unique elasticized lacing for added durability and support to your feet.

Because of its full length rubber outsole, this shoe from Adidas is among the best when it comes to giving you a superior grip on the boxing ring.

The single layer of mesh on the shoe makes it breathable, keeping your foot dry all through the training or sparring session.

Whether you’re taking boxing training or fighting in the boxing ring, you’ll find the Adidas HVC2 Speed Shoe quite reliable!

​​Highlighted Features:

  • Mesh design
  • Synthetic suede plus synthetic leather overlays for a durable, lightweight feel
  • Single-layer mesh for breathability and durability
  • Elasticized lace retention cover system
  • Full-length outsole for superior grip and consistent ring contact.

Best Boxing Shoes Buying Guide: What To Look For

Shopping for the best boxing shoes…I wish I could tell you it’s easy. But it’s a daunting task, more so to the beginners who don’t even have an idea how a quality boxing shoe looks or feels like.

Luckily, I’ve put up a quick list of 9 TOP factors that should guide into selecting the best shoe for your boxing career (whether you’re a beginner or professional boxer) below:

1. What Material is it made of?

You journey to find the best pair of shoes for boxing start with looking at the material used to make the shoes.

Needless to say, you should look for a material that’s extremely durable in nature. The last thing you’d want to do is spend your cash on a shoe that wears out after a few fights and sends you back to the stores to spend more money.

Apart from durability, the material you pick should also give you enough flexibility…plus it should stay tight on your feet and support your ankles and feet.

As a sidebar, you’ve several materials to pick from when it comes to boxing shoes e.g. soft leather, suede, layered fabrics, vented mesh containers, among others.

2. What’s the shoe height?

From our boxing shoes reviews above, it’s crystal clear that the market offers you three basic types of boxing shoes- the low top, medium top, and high top.

Low tops bear roughly the same height as running shoe. They’re popular for boxing tasks that demand greater freedom of movement- e.g. causal boxing or general training. The fact that they’re lighter make them a favorite for mots boxers. Sadly, this shoe won’t help much in sparring.

The mid tops rise around 2-3 inches above your ankle end and they’re the most popular types of boxing shoes of all the three models.

Then there are the high tops (commonly referred to as boxing boots) which stand at around 4-6 inches above the ankle. If you want to experience the greatest stability and ankle support, consider wearing these boots. They work best when used for the actual boxing fights serious sparring scenes.

3. Weight matters a lot

Fatigue. Ask the experienced boxers and they’ll tell it’s the biggest issue that gets the better part of them when fighting in the ring.

And if you wear some heavy boxing shoes, you’re sure to make the fatigue factor catch up with you easily (i.e. your legs will get fatigued easily and quickly) as you advance to the later rounds of the sport. This might derail your performance.

Luckily, you can solve the issue by investing in lightweight boxing shoes that doesn’t cost you considerable amounts of energy to lift your leg as you face your opponent.

BUT…don’t go for extremely light shoes as this might bring in the durability question.

4. The Breathability Factor

Right after fatigue, another thing that’s likely to bother you, and even affect your performance, is sweating of your feet.

What do you think would happen if your boxing shoes get filled with sweat? You don’t even want to imagine that.

You can’t stop your feet from sweating…but you can look for boxing shoes specially designed to eliminate the effect of sweating on your boxing performance. These shoes come with incredible ventilation features to facilitate maximum flow of air through them.

Some tell-tale signs of a well-ventilated boxing shoe include large mesh areas, dry wicking fabrics, etc.

5. Traction (Outsole Design)

One of the key ingredients of success in boxing revolves around traction (and the ability to plant your feet during a match). If you can’t plant your feet on the floor, you can as well forget throwing powerful punches that take you close to the winning edge.

However, high-quality boxing shoes provide your feet with excellent traction that translates into taking better stances against your opponent.

So, how do you identify shoes with good traction?

It’s all in the sole. Look for shoes whose soles are made with materials that excellently grabs the floor and give you the much needed stability…but avoid shoes that grip the floor firmly that you might have difficulties making swift movements.

Boxing shoes made of gum rubber or similar materials are known for delivering an excellent traction.

6. The Support it offers

Another factor that sets a real boxing shoe from the rest is how well it supports your feet and ankle area. Take this factor with much more seriousness if you’ve a history of ankle-0raledt injuries.

All the shoes we’ve reviewed above offers you sufficient ankle support you need in your boxing career. This applies mainly to the high tops whose lacing runs all the way up your foot, with some uppers wrapping around your ankle.

7. Cushioning

We can’t emphasize more on how important comfort is in your boxing endeavors, right from head to toe. You lose your comfort, you lose your focus on the sport.

That being said, make sure you look for a comfortable pair of boxing shoes- one with padding job at certain areas. Look for factors such as cushioned arch support, excellent padding around the heel area, and so on.

Some manufacturers are even adding some extra caution around the midsole to facilitate better arch support and stability as you go about your boxing.

8. Of course, you’ve to check the Sizing

Good news…most boxing shoes tend to fit like all the other athletic shoes out there!

But don’t celebrate yet. Some models are exceptional in that they come in the full sizes- 9, 10, 11, etc. you’ll also notice that some run a bit low.

So, it’s always important to go through the sizing chart before you make an order of your preferred boxing shoes.

For the lady fighters, order boxing shoes with a size 1-1.5 smaller than men’s. Thank me later.

9. Finally, check the Pricetag

Just like any other products, prices tend to vary depending on the brand you’re buying from.

The highly priced boxing shoes are constructed from the highest quality, expensive materials than those hanging on the lower price end.

The rule of thumb still applies here: The higher the quality, the more bucks you have to spend.

Top 5 Best Brands For Boxing Shoes Available:

1. Adidas

Popular for its top-notch soccer boots, Adidas also enjoy another post as one of the best boxer shoe brands available.

The brand enjoys more popularity in Europe than in the US. But this has nothing to do with quality- all their boxing shoes are among the best, with some of the most advanced features to give you the best experience ever.

It’s also important to note that most of their boxing shoes have higher top or medium top design

2. Nike

Nike is the name associated with a broad range of athletic shoes, not forgetting their ever attractive sneakers for general wear.

One of their most popular boxing shoe- the Nike Lo Pro has a lightweight design, and don’t easily slip on canvas. Plus they’re reasonably priced.

But that’s not all…they’ve got other boxers shoes that fighters swear by.

3. Rival Boxing

Rival Boxing is widely known for manufacturing the most colorful boing shoes. They employ light materials and synthetic fiber in the production of these shoes.

If you’re looking for cheap boxing shoes, then you’d want to consider the Rival models. They’re so priced given the fact that they use the less expensive primary materials in the production.

Like most of the other top manufacturers, Rivals vary their boxing shoes along the low, medium, and high top models.

4. Title Boxing

Title Boxing appears on our list because it offers men’s shoes for incredibly reasonable prices.

That being said, you can use their shoes as your beginner package…or to test which style works best for you.

You don’t want to invest in a highly priced boxing shoe before you’re sure of the amount of ankle support you need.

5. Ringside

Ringside has walked with boxers for decades, by proving them with a broad range of boxing equipment- right from head gear to boxing shorts, and even the boxing shoes!

Unlike most manufacturers, Ringside boxing shoes boast of rubber soles plus nylon mesh which helps promote breathability.

Their line of boxing shoes don’t always look like the typical shoe you’d expect from any other manufacturer out there…and this makes them suitable for MMA and wrestling sports as well.

How Using a Specialized Shoe For Boxing Helps You?

As I’ve told you earlier, a dedicated boxing shoe has that hidden secret that improves your performance in the boxing ring.

Below, I’ll take a look at some top benefits of this particular shoe over the regular shoe:

1. A boxing shoe enhances your grip

I’m assuming you’ve been in the boxing ring before and you know how smooth its floor feels. As such, it makes sense that one of the biggest benefits you’ll reap from wearing a pair of good boxing shoes is a better grip on the floor.

Your boxing shoes will save the day compared to barefoot- where your feet might sweat and find yourself slipping on the floor- this is sure to give your opponent a winning edge.

You might argue that non-boxing shoes too have some grip capabilities...undeniable…but they still can’t replace the boxing shoes in the ring.


Because in addition to a superior grip, the boxing shoes are specially designed to offer you sufficient ankle support…and their grip is regulated so that it doesn’t interfere with your foot pivot.

2. It takes your stability a notch higher

Now I want you to imagine this:

You’ve got yourself the best pair of boxing shoes…which means they’re providing you with a superior grip, angle support, and better pivot ability.

Honestly, such a shoe will drive the full stability to your feet.

And when you’re stable, your boxing ring performance only gets better. That is, you’ll keep a better balance, throw better and more powerful punches from any angle and position, and even deliver faster!

Just a quick reminder: Your shoes act as your base at the boxing arena.

And if you improve your base by wearing boxing shoe, nothing will stop you throwing those tactical, powerful, Mohammed Ali punches that will throw your opponent to the floor.

3. It promotes pivoting

Your boxing shoe might be the most expensive, but without significant pivot capabilities, it’s useless- truly.

I won’t go into details about the importance of better pivoting in boxing…trust me; you’ll notice this immediately you’ll start wearing your boxing shoes.

The problem with using regular shoes in boxing is that whenever you try to pivot your feet, you feel like there’s some glue holding it down. That’s simply because their bottom section traction is only designed for gripping purposes while the outer sole is meant for gripping, while permitting some rotational pivots.

The flipside applies to boxing shoes: they’ve been designed by experts who know how important pivoting is to your boxing career- it helps increase your punching power and distance.

4. Better ankle support

Another thing that sets your boxing shoes apart from the regular ones is the fact that they give you the much needed ankle support in your boxing ambitions.

I’m assuming you’ve won those regular shoes for ages, and you already know they’re poor at supporting lateral motions. But in the case of boxing shoes, this is what they do best…

…they’re intelligently engineered to offer you the best ankle support for all your lateral, back to front, and front to back motions.

However, it’s important to note that the degree of support offered by these shoes depend on their height- which ranges from low cut to full shin.

5. Don’t forget an enhanced toe grip!

All boxing shoes come with either a thin sole or medium thick sole. This isn’t a mistake.

It helps to reduce the rigidness of the sole, improving its flexibility and thus your “toe grip” with the ground. The overall effect is enhanced stability, better grip and excellent foot control.

Are Boxing Shoes Good For Running and Weight Lifting?

The short answer: yes

The long answer: only in specific situations or on some surfaces.

Let me explain further:

If you put the weightlifting/running and boxing shoes side to side, you’ll note that they share some similarities…like breathability, lightweight, special sole design for better grip, and of course, stability.

Following this, it can be safe to use your boxing shoes in some suitable weightlifting or running situations.

HOWEVER…boxing shoes acutely differ from the other shoes in that they’re designed for use on the slippery, smooth boxing surfaces. What’s more, they’re designed to give your feet a higher degree of pivoting whenever you punch.

That makes them a bit awkward when used in activities like running.

Bottom line:

It’s okay to use your boxing shoes for weightlifting or wrestling activities (if the situation allows or if you don’t have options)…but I don’t recommend the same for running.

Final Verdict

As a quick reminder, be careful when it comes to picking the best boxing shoes as they can have a profound effect on your overall boxing career. This is especially important for beginners who tend to ignore the fact that they need specialized boxing shoe before engaging in the training, sparring or actual fight scenes.

Our list the boxing shoes reviews above combines only the shoes that met our criteria. That is, they’re durable and lightweight, they offer you excellent ankle support, high pivoting capabilities, enhanced grip, and the stability you need to throw powerful punches that draw you closer to the winning line.

If you want a boxing shoe that will stay by your side in your entire boxing career, order from our list above- no regrets, no disappointments.

Thank us later 😉

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