12 Best Focus Mitts For Boxing and MMA – Reviews 2018

Dear MMA & Boxers,

Did you know that focus mitts are one of the most powerful methods of sharpening your punching and striking skills?

Cheap and highly portable, the punching mitts allow you to conduct a wide array of drills—all of which are aimed at helping you develop combative skills.

They help you build offensive and defensive skills, sharpen your reflexes, and even condition your body.

However, one thing you need to know about focus mitts is that they’re not the same. You’ll need to learn a few basics to help you get the best boxing mitts for your specific needs.

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a comprehensive report below to teach you everything you need to buy/use those focus mitts.

We also have picked the 10 top-rated punch mitts currently available on the market that you can invest in today.

Let’s get into more details…

What Are Focus Mitts?

Focus mitts (also known as punch mitts, focus pads, coaching pads, and target pads) refer to flat, hand-held pads measuring around 12 inches in diameter.

They comprise of dense foam covered in materials such as leather and vinyl.

Intended for boxing training, these pads are usually held by your training partner, or even coach, at different ranges, levels, and positions. And you (the puncher) and the target holder work together to hone your defensive and offensive skills, sharpen your reflexes, and condition your body.

The KEY benefits you’ll reap from training with the best punching mitts include:

  • One of the biggest benefits you’ll gain from the focus pads is improved technique & aim. As your training partner or coach directs your punches towards the mitts, you’ll develop your hand-eye coordination, enabling you to throw punches more comfortably.
  • As the training pads are held at different ranges, levels or positions, they’ll help you understand distance better. They’ll help you determine if you’re in or out of range (both offensively and defensively), which is crucial when facing an opponent in the ring.
  • The mitts also simulate real-life boxing match. Your coach will be mimicking the moves of a real opponent, making the training look and feel like a real-life match in the boxing ring. This is especially important for beginners who have never stepped in the ring before.
  • Probably the best part about training with your focus mitts is that they give you a chance to work one on one with your coach. And this will help strengthen the bond between you and your coach. Besides, constantly working with your coach will help them discover who you are as a fighter and know what areas you need to work on.

Additional benefits of training with target pads is they’re a great alternative to heavy bags, inexpensive, portable, and fun to train with.

Our Best Focus Mitts Picks:

1. RDX Boxing MMA Target Focus Punching Mitts

The RDX Boxing MMA Target pads are among the most popular models you’ll find on the market today. Built with both trainers and trainees in mind, these mitts will help you improve on your striking and punching game.

The most notable thing about these pads is that they feature a curved design. This will help supper the holder’s arms and writs when getting hit by the puncher, ensuring the holder remains safe throughout the workout. On top of this, the punching mitts come with the highly secure Quick-EZ hook and loop wrist wrap that acts as closure system—providing you with a customized fit for extra comfort.

These mitts are integrated with the EVA-LUTION FOAM. This is a super-lightweight foam that efficiently absorbs shock to ensure your hands remain even safer.

Ventilation has also been well taken care of in these mitts to grant you extra comfort. If you look closely at the upper layer of the mitts, you’ll find strategically placed perforations that allow air to flow in and out freely. This will keep your hands from getting sweaty, helping you train for even longer.

Regarding construction, RDX never disappoints! The mitts are made using this top-quality Maya Hide for unmatched durability and extended lifespan.

Highlighted features:

  • Light, highly efficient shock absorption
  • Secure Quick-EZ hook and loop closure system
  • Durable Maya hide construction
  • Ventilation on upper layer for breath ability
  • Curved boxing pads

2. Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Straight from Sanabul, we have the Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts. This is one of the most comfortable pairs of boxing mitts available on the market today. Featuring a hand-shaped mold, the pads perfectly fit the natural curvature of your hands to grant you an entirely new and exceptional comfort feel.

As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer goes ahead and offers you a half ball palm grip design. This translates to a more comfortable and secure grip, helping prevent any possible injuries to both the holder.

If you take a closer look at the back section of these gloves, you’ll quickly notice the mesh backing integrated into them. These allow for free flow of air in and out of the gloves to keep them cool and dry. While still at the back, you’ll find an adjustable wrist strap which enables you to customize the focus pads to fit your hands for even more comfort.

Like the previous mitts, this pair also boasts of super-lightweight foam which delivers a superior shock absorbency. Such padding will not only enhance your safety but also limit the trainer fatigue.

Above all, the mitts are made to last. That is, they’re designed using a performance-engineered leather material to help them stay for an extended period of time than most of the rivals. Not to forget that this material is quite easy to clean and maintain.

Highlighted features:

  • Hand shaped mold
  • Ultra-light, superior shock absorber foam
  • Performance engineered leather mitts
  • Half ball palm grip
  • Mesh backing with adjustable wrist strap

3. Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts

Out 3rd punching mitts review goes to the Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts. As you already know, Everlast is a trusted leader in the licensing, manufacturing, and marketing of top-quality boxing and MMA equipment.

What we really like about this pair of mitts is that it comes at an incredibly affordable cost, without compromising the overall quality and functionality of the mitts. In fact, the pair boats of an improved design (most notably the full glove backing) to help increase the functionality of the gloves.

Unlike most of the models out there, this pair of mitts comes with anti-microbial treatment. As you can easily guess, this has been put in place to help keep off bad odors and discourage the growth of bacteria that can affect the life of your mitts.

For the construction part, Everlast never disappoints. This particular model features construction of the tough and durable polycanvas to offer you long-lasting durability as well as functionality.

As it’s the case with all the other mitts we’ve featured on this list, this pair will also help sharpen your technique. Previous users rave about how well it works to help you improve your combinations.

If you want a pair of mitts that will give you the real value for your money, Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts is absolutely the pair to go with!

Highlighted features:

  • Durable, premium poly canvas construction
  • Will help you sharpen your technique
  • Anti-microbial treatment keeps of bad odors and bacteria
  • Improved design for better functionality
  • 120-day manufacturer warranty

4. Overmont Kick Pads

While some mitts might limit you to what drills and exercise you can do, this Overmont Kick Pads pair lets you do all the drills you can think of. It enables you to do all forms of drills and exercise—including punches and kicks, hooks and jabs, strikes and blows, and so much more.

The top-quality kick pads are made using top-quality PU leather to ensure they last for a longer period of time with regular use. They also come with extra-thick padding (filled with a quality sponge) to make them safer for the trainee (especially the beginners).

Because the pads feature adjustable armband plus the elastic wristband, they’ll comfortably fit hands of various sizes-including those of your kids- without any issues.

Additional features that make these kick pads well worth it include the stitched and reinforced straps which ensure safety and extended lifespan and multi-layered thick padding for handling heavy-duty exercises.

Overall, this is a highly versatile pair of kicking pads that allow you to do all the drills and combinations you can think of.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustable armband & elastic wristband
  • Multi-layered thick padding
  • Stitched and reinforced and straps
  • Great for uppercuts, jabs and hooks
  • Made of high-quality PU leather and foam

5. Cheerwing New Target MMA Boxing Mitt Focus

On a tight budget? If yes, Cheerwing New Target MMA Boxing Mitt Focus might be a great pick for you. Despite a crazily low price, this pair of focus mitts is made using high-quality PU leather for increased functionality and longer service life.

Built with the trainers’ safety in mind, the mitts come with high potency foam padding (with inner palm ball) which offer superior protection to your palm, wrist, and efficiently absorb the shock resulting from the impact of punches. In other words, you don’t have to worry about getting injured when using these mitts for training.

A closer look at the focus mitts, you’ll quickly realize they feature an ergonomic design which mimics your natural hand curvature. Needless to mention, this design has been out in place to make your hands feel truly comfortable in the mitts.

The target pads also make a great traveling companion! They come with a pretty compact (22 x 18 x 3cm/8.66 x 7.09 x 1.18inch) and lightweight design (200g / 7.05oz). and this allows you to hassle-freely carry them with you to any place.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality, durable PU construction
  • Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 3cm/8.66 x 7.09 x 1.18inch
  • Weighs approx. 200g / 7.05oz
  • Ergonomic design for comfy feel

6. Meister Cowhide Leather Curved Focus Mitts

For the boxers who are on the market for the best boxing mitts with curved design, you can’t go wrong with the Meister Cowhide Leather Mitts. Many fighters have come out to explain that the contoured style of these mitts have helped them easily keep the strikes centered, for the ultimate training experience.

Besides contoured style, this pair of mitts provides you with most of the features you’ll find in the high-end models to help you hone your boxing skills the best way.

It features a thick 2-inch padding which ensures maximum shock absorption, ensuring that both the holder and puncher remain safe during the entire training sessions. The mitts also feel incredibly lightweight that you might even forget you’re wearing them. As you’ll all agree with me, lightweight gloves will help eliminate the trainer hand fatigue, enabling you to train for longer durations.

Inside the gloves, your hands will discover a comfortable balloon grip that makes them feel incredibly comfy. And on the backside, you’ll find a second hand hold which facilitates single mitt work. Not to forget the ventilated back section to help keep your hands cool and dry.

Regarding the construction, these gloves boats of 100% Premium Cowhide Leather design. For this reason, you can except the gloves to see you through countless training sessions without getting damaged or worn out.

Highlighted features:

  • Thick 2” padding for maximum shock absorption
  • 100% cowhide leather construction
  • Gently curved mitts
  • Large wrist padding for increased safety
  • Comes in 2 pairs

7. PAMASE Boxing Leather Punch Focus Mitts

There has never been a better way to improve your punch speed & accuracy than with the PAMASE Boxing Leather Punch Focus Mitts. This pair comes with a one-size-fits-most design, thanks to the adjustable wrist strap with Velcro strap at the back which facilitates a snug fit on most hands (for both men and women).

Featuring a reasonable price tag, the pads come with high-quality PU leather construction which feels exceptionally soft and comfortable. The leather is hem using sturdy nylon string that ensures the padding doesn’t easily bulge out. On top of all this, the pair features excellent durable stitching which is placed against off-line to ensure longevity.

The kind of padding that comes with these PAMASE pads is comparable to none. They feature 1.2-inch, one-step molding dense foam which stands ready to take in those hard punches to give you the best cushioning ever. Besides, the padding is lightweight to prevent the wear hands from getting easily fatigued.

Apart from boxing, this flexible pair of mitts can be used for other martial workouts training—like kickboxing, Muay Thai kick, karate, sparring, Dojo, cardio, and other combative skills that involve striking and punching.

If not satisfied with this pair of target pads, remember that you can always send it back to the manufacturer and get a full refund of your money. This is made possible by the 30-day money back guarantee that comes with the product.

Highlighted features:

  • Wear resistant padding
  • PU leather surface
  • One-size-fits-most design
  • Versatile focus mitts
  • 30-day money back guarantee

8. Elite Sports Boxing Punch Focus Mitts

Elite Sports Boxing Punch Focus Mitts fit the definition of highly versatile and unisex focus mitts. They’re ideal for both sexes (from age 18 through 55 years) and can be used for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

Also handgun on the lower price end, this pair comes full dedicated to increasing your striking precision, speed, and power. It boasts of pre-curved concave technology which grants you superior striking surface each time you practice. This gives you just the perfect training environment for taking your boxing skill a giant step ahead of your fellow boxers.

Your safety is also well taken care of in these mitts. This is clearly seen from the high-density shock absorbent and impact protection foam that comes integrated into the mitts to offer full protection to both the trainer and fighter.

Comfort is everything in focus mitts. The Elite has made this pair highly comfortable for you by eliminating any distractions that might draw your focus from training. You can easily adjust the hook and loop velcro strap to get the perfect for your specific hand size. The visible mesh panels at the back of the mitts increase breathability, ensuring your hands remain cool and dry all through.

On top of it all, the mitts are made using durable and long-lasting PU leather. This material is not only known for its long-lasting properties but also for how easy it is easy to clean and maintain. You’ll be moved at how long these mitts will last (if well taken care of), even with regular use.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable ultra-lightweight PU leather
  • Pre-curved concave design
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure Velcro strap
  • Half ball palm grip
  • Unisex, versatile focus mitts

9. RDX Boxing Pads Focus Punch Mitts

If you’ve got some bucks to spend, consider the RDX Boxing Pads Focus Punch Mitts as one of your top options. Also from RDX, these premium punch mitts are good not only for boxing, but also for kickboxing, cardio, and martial arts classes.

The Pressure point Porelle membrane dome technology is the secret behind these punch mitt’s explosive popularity.  The unique design enables the pads to easily bind with your hands, granting you more control than what you get in other models. What’s more, this technology stabilizes your pads while evenly spreading the pressure to the whole strike surface.

Like the other pair from RDX, these mitts are also made of Maya hide leather to maximize their lifespan and improve their functionality. Inside the leather material, the mitts are stuffed with high potency foam which ensures maximum absorption of shock. Even though the padding looks thick and big, it’s extremely lightweight to keep the trainer’s hands from getting easily fatigued.

To ensure you get a more secure, customized fit, the pair comes with hook and loop wrist strap which you can adjust according to the size of your hand. The internal moisture wicking lining to keep your hands cool and dry, for added comfort.

Highlighted features:

  • Curved boxing pads
  • Hook and loop wrist strap
  • Maya hide constructed mitts
  • Pressure point P dome technology
  • One size fits all design
  • check
    Ideal for boxing, kickboxing, cardio, martial arts

10. Cheerwing PU Leather Curved Focus Mitts

Cheerwing PU Leather mitts fall into the category of the best focus mitts that come with a pocket-friendly price. Like most of the previously discussed pads, this pair is also incredibly versatile—made to meet the needs of boxers, Muay Thai, Tae kwon do, MMA professional, and even karate training.

Comfort gets better with these mitts. The pair features a curved design which offers your wrist a more relaxed, natural position. As such, you’ll feel more comfortable holding them, no matter how long the training session lasts. If you flip these mitts to the back section, you’ll note the mesh which facilitates the free flow of air through your hands. This ensures that your hands remain dry and cool for a longer period of time.

The mitts are also made to fit the hands of different boxers. This is made possible by the elastic wristband and adjustable armband, which work together to easily and comfortably accommodate hands of varying thicknesses.

Whether you wish to do uppercuts, hooks and jabs, and other heavy-duty workouts, this is the perfect pair of mitts for you. The compact and lightweight nature of these mitts makes them easy to carry to any place for practice.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality PU leather
  • EVA foam for superior shock absorption
  • Adjustable armband & elastic wristband
  • Stitched and reinforced straps and handles
  • Ideal for boxing, Muay Thai, Tae kwon do, MMA
  • check
    Size: 37 x 19 x 9cm / 14.5 x 7.5 x 3.54 inch
  • check
    Weight: approx. 500g / 1.1 lbs.

11. Contender Fight Sports Thai Pads

In our second last position, we feature the Contender Fight Sports pads. We highly recommend this pair to all professional boxers and Muay Thai practitioners who want something they practice punching, striking, kicking, and shielding techniques.

This is not the pair of mitts that come with vibrant colors or the wacky styles. They were designed with one (and ONLY one) thing in mind—functionality. They will enable you to train leg and knee strikes with the ultimate ease and safety.

The pad feature two complete hook and loop straps which help you (the holder) to securely fasten them to your hands with the riveted handle for extra stability.

Designed with the durable vinyl material, these pads come ready to hold up against all the hard hits in your home or commercial gym. Not to forget that the vinyl is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Highlighted features:

  • Punch and kick fight shields
  • Durable, easy to clean vinyl construction
  • Size: 16-Inch tall x 8-Inch wide x 3.5-Inch thick
  • Double hook & loop closure system
  • Comes in pairs

12. Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

Our list of top-rated focus mitt reviews comes to a close with the Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts. Like most of the mitts we’ve featured on this list, this pair is also made of 100% genuine leather for better functionality and longer service life.

Training with focus mitts has never been so easy, thanks to the highly visible white circle at the center of these black gloves. This makes aiming easier, helping you improve your technique easily.

Since the mitts feature 35% more padding than what you usually get in most models, you can rest assured that they’ll excellently absorb all the shock resulting from the trainee’s punches. Besides, the thick padding will enhance the safety of the puncher.

With a hook and look closure system, you can always adjust the tightness of the pad according to the size of your hands for extra comfort.

To complete the look and feel of professional target pads, this pair features a sweat resistant lining that ensures they remain smell free and stay dry at all times.

Highlighted features:

  • Genuine leather curved focus mitts
  • White target circle for easier targeting
  • Hook and loop closure system
  • Sweat resistant lining
  • User satisfaction guarantee

What To Look For Before Buying?

Don’t have an idea what to look for in the focus mitts? Don’t worry…in this section, we’ll walk you through the crucial aspects to look for in coaching pads to ensure you get the best ones for your training needs.

The key factors to look for include:


The best focus mitts should be made using quality materials to ensure they serve you for a longer period of time.

The most popular materials used in the target pads include leather (both genuine and synesthetic) and vinyl. The striking surface should be made of tough and durable leather or vinyl to enable it to hold up regular beating

The other parts may be made using vinyl, mesh, etc., for breathability reasons.


You should also ensure that the mitts you’re planning to buy will snugly fit your hands.

Remember that a snug fit directly contributes to your overall comfort, enabling you to fully concentrate on the workouts.

Look for a pair that comes with one-size-fits-all design and adjustable hook and loop system to enable you to customize the fit according to your specific hand size.

Breath ability

It’s also important to check if the mitts you’re planning to buy are breathable.

From most of the mitts we’ve featured in this post, we can see most manufacturers place mesh panels at the back section to promote free flow of air and out of the gloves.

This ensures that sweat produced by your hands doesn’t get trapped inside the gloves and soak your fingers. This can compromise your comfort and draw your focus from workouts.


Padding is part and parcel of focus mitts.

Make sure you go for mitts with thickly padded foam that will easily absorb all the shock coming from the trainee punches. Foams with greater shock absorber properties result in even safer workouts for both the trainer and trainee.

Also, make sure the padding is lightweight. If it feels heavy, the holder can easily get fatigued when holding it, affecting the quality of your workouts.


Lastly, you should look at the price tag of the pair of pads you plan to buy.

The best pair should balance the cost and the quality and features it comes with.  If you’re an excellent boxer, we recommend you to look for a premium pair of gloves that will give you the best training experience.

If you’re on a tight budget, however, you can still get a low-cost pair of mitts that meets your training needs.

How To Hold and Use Focus Mitts For Boxing?

Now that you’ve got the best boxing focus mitts, you’ll need to know how to properly hold and use them to get the most out of them.

Here are a few tips to show you how to use your mitts the right way:

  • The first and most important thing to do when holding the focus mitts is adjusting them for your specific hand size. This will ensure your hands feel comfortable inside them, enabling you to fully concentrate on the training.
  • Always ensure you hold the mitts in front of your face and body, not on top of it. You should also create a considerable space between your face and hands. This will help prevent any injuries or accidental hits to your face.
  • As a mitt holder, you should remain in the same fighting stance as the puncher and ensure you maintain the stance throughout the entire round.
  • AVOID holding the mitts wider than the puncher’s body. Ensure they’re slightly angled inward and avoid flaring your elbows out to the sides when framing your mitts.
  • When absorbing a punch, you should catch it and NOT slam or whack it. If you’re a beginner in the focus pads training, you might have challenges finding the right amount of resistance to offer a puncher. With practice, however, you’ll get to know how much resistance you need to put up.
  • Always fix your eyes on the puncher. Remember your job is to remain engaged to your puncher during the entire round.
  • You’re in control of the speed and pace as the mitts holder. This means you should remain busy and active. The benefit of continually moving will give you a chance to do proper footwork which you dearly need in the boxing ring.
  • Start each round with speed and power of approx. 50% and build through the round to enable the holder to make the necessary adjustments with the mitts, to keep off injuries.

Lastly, you’ll need to make angle and body changes when feeding the mitts for different punches as outlined below:

(i). For straight punches (lead & cross jab): hold the mitts at forehead height while angled forward and inward towards the puncher.

(ii). For uppercuts: put the mitts central to the puncher body to ensure they line up with their nose/mouth and parallel or turned down to the ground.

(iii). For hook punches: hold your mitts either at the height or ribs or ear/temple, turn them perpendicular to the ground, and inside the puncher’s body.

Final Verdict

If you’re serious about improving your boxing skills (and taking your boxing game a notch higher), you shouldn’t think twice about getting the best focus mitts today.

The fantastic coaching pads will help you refine your punching and striking skills quicker than any other method. They’ll help condition your body with combat-related exercise. And they’ll give you a real-life boxing experience, fully preparing you for a match in the boxing ring.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced boxer, we strongly urge you to start taking focus mitts training today.

Our reviews of the top 10, most popular mitts on the market today will give you a list of options to pick from (of course, depending on your specific training needs and requirements).

Likewise, our buying will show you the key things to focus on when buying focus mitts.

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