Best Judo Gi Reviews For The Money: Buyer’s Guide 2018

Judo has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, more so among UFC/MMA fighters.

More trainees are starting to incorporate judo to their training regimen, thus following in the footsteps of welterweight standout Dong Hyun Kim and former champion Ronda Rousey.

Whether you are participating in the sport for recreational or professional reasons, it’s important that you acquire the best judo gi.

There is a wide variety of uniforms for all mixed martial arts on the market, and the best thing is that some of them can be used for more than one sport.

That said, identifying what gi works best for your competitions or training can prove a very difficult task.

But the good news is that this post reviews the best judo gi and shows you what factors to consider during purchase to aid your search.

Why You Need a Judo Gi?

Judo gi are generally bigger than BJJs and come in three pieces.

The jacket is specially designed for rigorous pushing and pulling demanded by the sport. This gives you increased flexibility. Judo jackets can be single or double weave, and are far more durable than uniforms for other forms of mixed martial arts.

A judo gi also comes with a pair of matching pants that has extra padding on the knees for added durability and comfort. The drawstring at either side of the waist allows for a custom fit.

The belt is usually in a color that depicts one’s rank. It should be long enough to wrap around your waist twice and leave 15-20cm once tied.

Judo gi takes your grip fighting to the next level and is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to take their training seriously. 

Best Judo Gi Reviews

1. Fuji Judo Uniform Review:

The Fuji Judo Uniform is a great purchase if you are looking for high quality gi at competitive pricing. It boasts construction with 100% percent cotton and high quality stitching.

Being a single weave judo gi, this uniform is incredibly lightweight and thin compared to other models. It also makes it more breathable, thus a cooler experience during training.

What we love most about the Fuji Judo Uniform is that it was not designed with one size. The gi comes in all sizes, some of which can fit children as young as four years old.

It is important to note that while sizes run big for older people, shrinkage may occur. As such, you should choose a size that fits you well.

This uniform is sturdy enough to hold up against different techniques like throws. It is also an excellent purchase for those who are just getting started in judo.

Our main concern is that it shrinks generously, but you can get around this by purchasing a larger size. Other shortcomings cited by customers include sub-par quality pants and short sleeves.

Highlighted features:

  • High quality stitching
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Single weave design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Wide range of sizes for adults and children

2. Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi Review:

The Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi is lightweight and less stiff compared to the double weave version. As such, you can expect reduced stifling and superior movement during training. It can withstand any type of tournaments and was specially designed for judo training.

This judo gi is extremely durable as it is made from 100% cotton, which is also great for rolling. The material is incredibly comfortable to wear and breathable. You will also appreciate the high quality stitching.

It includes a jacket, pants and a white belt, making it an ideal investment for judo, jiu-jitsu and aikido training.

Unlike the model reviewed above, the Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi is not prone to shrinkage. It fits nicely and doesn’t hinder movement even during prolonged sessions.

This gi comes in many sizes, suitable for both adults and children, and the price is reasonable and affordable.

Some of the shortcomings brought forward by customers include fitting difficulties. A client cited that while the pants fit her nicely, the jacket drowned her and made rolling difficult.

Highlighted features:

  • Made with soft, 100% cotton
  • High quality standard single weave
  • Ideal for rolling
  • Thick collar and lightweight
  • High quality seams and stitching
  • check
    Competitive pricing
  • check
    Includes pants, jacket and white belt

3. ProForce Gladiator Judo Gi:

The ProForce Gladiator Judo Uniform is a simple gi made from 100% cotton that comes in the simple colors or blue and bleached white. What’s even better is that you can get it in other less commonplace colors like unbleached white and black.

Like the above models, this is a single weave design gi that offers the durability of a double weave gi. The fit is quite comfortable and at its low price point, offers a huge benefit to children who quickly grow out of their uniforms or anyone who is just starting out.

The lack of large, obvious logos is a comforting aspect for those who don’t want to be seen advertising anything.

Available in all sizes and at a low price, the ProForce Gladiator Judo Uniform will certainly meet your training needs without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, it is not without its flaws. There were reports that the belt loop gave way when the string was tightened on the pants. The quality of the pants is wanting, and the sizing between the jacket and pants may be off.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good for beginners
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Single weave design with durability of double weave
  • check
    Durable and long lasting build

4. Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi Uniform:

The Fiji Double Weave Judo Gi comes in two standard colors i.e. white and blue. It is made from pure cotton, and boasts a thick collar.

As you would expect from a double weave uniform, both the seams and stitching are of very high quality.

One thing you will not have to worry about with the Fiji Double Weave Judo Gi is restriction of movement. It has a great fit, making it a good contender for training and competitions.

You will find your gi a little stiff in the beginning, but that goes away once it is broken in. Like other Fuji gi, this one is prone to shrinkage, so you should get one that a size larger.

The double weave construction means that this gi can take a lot more punishment than most. Unfortunately, it also means that it is heavier than other models.

On the downside, the Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi may shrink too much for a double weave gi depending on how you wash it. Additionally, it takes a while to break in and the sizing may be off.

Highlighted features:

  • Durability of double weave material
  • Good for training and competitions
  • Comfortable against the skin
  • Made with pure cotton
  • High quality stitching and seams
  • check
    Great fit

5. Yamato Sakura Bleached Single Weave Judo Gi:

We are suckers for heavy-duty double weave gi due to their toughness and strength. However, these same qualities can make them uncomfortable when training in hot summer months. This is where the Yamato Sakura Bleached Single Weave Judo Gi comes in.

It will not only keep you cool in the summer months, but also has an excellent fit that will maximize movement in training. The gi was built with attention to detail with heavyweight gold weave and reinforced stitching at the stress points.

You will want to be careful when washing it as it’s susceptible to shrinkage. Consider hanging it out to dry since this will ensure that it maintains its size.

The gi includes a pair of classic drawstring pants that allow for a comfortable fit. The jacket has a thick collar and is reinforced in the chest and shoulder regions.

Highlighted features:

  • Single weave gi made from 100% cotton
  • Softer and thinner cotton in 450 GSM
  • Jacket is reinforced in shoulder and chest regions
  • Drawstring pants reinforced at knees with quilted patch
  • White belt
  • check
    Available in multiple sizes

6. Fuji Sports Single Weave USA Judo Gi Uniform:

The Fuji Sports Single Weave USA Judo Gi is designed for judokas who want to train and compete with extreme ease and comfort. The defining feature is the official USA Judo logo embroidered on the left chest. It also has beautiful embroidered epaulets with a USA flag and Fuji embroidery.

There are ribbons on the inside of the pants and sleeves with USA-Fuji colors. The inside silkscreen print of land of the free and home of the brave certainly takes things to a whole new level.

However, what really makes this gi special is that a portion of the sales are donated to the USA Judo High Performance Fund to help athletes achieve their dreams.

Highlighted features:

  • Multiple sizes
  • Official USA judo logo embroidery on left chest
  • Nice fit and flexibility
  • Single weave judo gi
  • Beautiful embroidered epaulets
  • check
    Thick collars

7. ProForce Gladiator Judo Gi:

The ProForce gladiator Judo Gi is a great purchase for someone who hasn’t trained Judo and wants to dip their toes in the water before going all in. It is quite cheap and boasts single weave construction with solid materials to keep it in good condition with repetitive use.

Should you decide to pursue Judo further, you can use this gi for both training and competitions without worrying about it ripping apart. It comes in four different colors i.e. bleached white, black, blue and natural off-white/cream color to suit different style preferences.

The ProForce Gladiator Judo Gi is made from 100% cotton and features high quality stitching. It is reinforced at key stress points for longevity.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% cotton construction
  • High quality stitching
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • Affordably priced
  • check
    Perfect for new students and children
  • check
    Single weave uniform with great fit

8. Adidas Judo J690 Quest Double Weave Judo Gi:

The Adidas Judo J690 Quest is a double weave judo gi made from a cotton and polyester blend. It features the signature Adidas stripes in gold and has a thick collar that makes it difficult for an opponent to grab you.

The set includes traditional drawstring pants and a jacket, but no belt. It weighs 690 grams and boasts six rows of stitching for added strength. A built-in rash guard help prevent sweat and irritation on your shoulders and back.

Highlighted features:

  • Double weave gi
  • Six rows of stitching
  • Built-in rash guard
  • Thick collar
  • Gold Adidas stripes
  • check
    Only weighs 690 grams

Judo Gi Buying Guide For Beginners

What differentiates a good judo gi from the rest is durability. Because contact in judo is hard and involves a lot of pulling, you need to a gi made from durable materials and with wider sleeves. You need something that allows for extra grip on your opponents but doesn’t tear up during strong grips or hard pulls.

So how do you identify a judo gi that satisfies all of the above? Below are important parameters you should pay attention to…

Sleeve and thick collar

Look for a judo gi that is wide and has extra grip on the sleeve. It should also be thick so that you can grab the opponent properly when learning to throw. As for the collar, it should be thick and have high quality stitching.

A rubberized collar provides more flexibility and is easier to grip. Be sure to choose a stiffer and thicker collar if you want to make things more difficult for your opponents.

Thickness and durability

There are two types of judo gi when it comes to thickness. Single weave gi are thinner and often used for training during summer months. Double weave gi are thicker, heavier and stronger. They are popular in competitions as they offer more durability and quality.

If you are a beginner, a single weave gi may be best as it will allow you to learn the basics without restricting movement or weighing you down. It is also cheaper compared to a double weave gi.


The best way to determine the comfort level offered by a particular gi is to put it on. Maybe a part will pinch you, or the pants will be too tight to allow flexibility. Whatever the case, you want to ensure that the gi is soft on your skin and makes it easy to train.


It is important to note that in judo competitions, one can only wear white or blue gi. However, some models come in different colors and can only be used for training sessions. If you want judo gi for competition, you should check to ensure that it is competition approved. Judges often pay attention to every last detail.


Taller fighters need a judo gi that is 10-15 cm bigger than their actual size. The significance of this is that it allows one to control their opponent via a grab like kesa gatame. It also gives your legs increased flexibility to attempt an uchimata.

Keep in mind that if your gi is too big, it may fall during training or a match. Sizes vary greatly from one country to another and as such, a scale that explains how to choose your gi when it comes to combination of your weight and height may come handy.

Judo gi origin

Like most forms of mixed martial arts, the best judo gi is made in the country of origin i.e. Japan. Models made in other countries are a waste of your money, unless you are a beginner or recreational practitioner. While it will cost you more money, a gi made in Japan offers the best performance.


Cotton is a preferred material choice for making judo gi since it allows air to pass through freely. It is also comfortable and does a great job of keeping you cool during workouts.

Some manufacturers incorporate other fabrics like synthetics to improve overall durability and strength of the material. Nylon and polyester offer more water resistance but at the cost of breathability while addition of polyester gives the gi a shiny look.


It is always a good idea to get your judo gi from a reliable brand. Our top recommendations include Mizuno, Adidas, ProForce and Fuji. These companies offer high quality gi designed for varying levels of expertise and budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many types of judo gi are there?

Judo gi are classified into two according to weight – single weave and double weave. The latter is thicker, heavier and pre-shrunk to prevent shrinking. It is also more difficult to grab, hence a better choice for competitions. Single weave gi are mainly used for training sessions. They are also less durable and cheaper.

2. What is the meaning of colored judo gi?

White is the traditionally worn color for judo but in recent years, blue gi has become a common site in training and competitions. The color blue is not used to indicate ranking or skill as one would expect, but rather to differentiate opponents. Other colors like black and red have been adopted, but they still remain rare and only used in less formal or special occasions.

3. Can you wear other martial arts gi to practice judo?

The regulations surrounding judo gi in competitions are very strict and violating them can lead to disqualification. However, there should be little problems with wearing other martial arts gi in training only.

Final Verdict

The choice of your judo gi should be considered a long term investment because that’s exactly what it is.

You should take your time during the search rather than pick what you see first. This will ensure great training sessions, thus allowing you to improve your technique and earn medals in competitions.

Remember that all the 8 gi for judo we’ve featured in this post meets our criteria for selecting a good-quality gi. And if you buy from this list today, you can rest assured that you’re getting real value for your money.

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