Best Jump Rope For Boxing – Reviews and Newbie Guide 2018

Of all the boxing training techniques, the jump rope is the easiest (but highly effective).

Low in cost, a skipping rope will promote your footwork—improving how you move around the ring when fighting.

Even better, this simple training kit will enhance your hand & foot coordination, balance and help you target more muscles (shoulders, lower body, and back) compared to running.

That said, finding the best jump rope for boxing is the ONLY way to ensure you enjoy all these benefits.

While you might think that all jumping ropes are the same, that’s not the case. There are certain KEY aspects to look for to ensure you get the perfect rope that fits your needs.

This guide will show you everything you need to know before buying a jumping rope.

Plus, we’ll give you a list of the 10 best ropes that any boxer can buy today.

Why Jump Rope?

A jump rope, also known as a skipping rope, is the simplest, cheapest, and one of the most effective training kits for boxers.

You might think that skipping rope is for little girls, but if you picture the benefits it adds to your boxing career, you’d think again.

A skipping rope won’t make you look silly. Instead, it’ll grant you the following benefits that will take your boxing game a notch higher:

  • Build your stamina and endurance: jumping with your rope at a fast pace sets your cardiovascular system ready for the intense demands you ought to meet in the boxing ring.
  • Improved foot & hand coordination: training with a jump rope will also improve your hand & feet coordination. The best skill you can have as a boxer is knowing how to use your hands and feet in unison. And the repetitive motions you do with your skipping rope will make it easy for you to master this skill.
  • Increased footwork: you’ll also need to continually and quickly move around the boxing ring. Because the boxer's rope requires you to stay on your feet balls during jumping, it’ll surely help improve your foot speed and agility.

If you compare skipping rope to other cardiovascular workouts—like bike riding, jogging, etc.— you’ll agree that it offers you all the benefits (and more) of these workouts at a reduced cost and with less hassle.

Even science has stated that 10 minutes of rope skipping equals 8-minute mile running.

You can do skipping ropes anywhere, within your home, backyard, garage, etc. You can also carry it with you when traveling.

NOTE: To get the most out of your skipping rope, you’ll need to incorporate some tips in your workouts. Later one, we’ll share with you our power beginner tips to help you get started (keep the tab open!).

For now, let’s focus on the top-rated boxers skipping ropes that you can get on the market today…

Our Best Jump Rope For Boxers:

1. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Our reviews begin with the Survival and Cross Jump Rope. This is a premium quality jump cable jump rope made of the highest quality materials to ensure maximum lifespan. We recommend this to all boxers, kick boxers, MMA, wrestling enthusiasts, and anyone else who is serious about cardio training.

The biggest advantage to owning this rope is that you can take it with you everywhere you want. It comes with a compact, super-lightweight design which makes it easy to store and carry to any place. It’ll also take up small space when jumping, so you can use it anywhere at any time.

Boxers also love the fact that you can fully adjust the length of this rope. To do this, you simply use two sliding screws and collars to set your preferred length on the cable. This way, you can easily cut off the excess rope length and jump with a more customized rope for the best results. This feature also makes the rope suitable for users of different heights and skill levels.

Remember that you can do nearly all the skipping rope techniques with this rope, including double unders, high knees, crisscrosses, and so on.

Highlighted features:

  • Premium quality rope
  • Ideal for boxing, MMA, wrestling
  • Small, lightweight jump rope
  • Adjustable rope length

2. Fitness Master Jump Rope

Speed is crucial when it comes jump roping. Fitness Master, the manufacturer behind this rope, understand this fact and have engineered their jump rope in such a way that it maximizes the number of rotations with each workout.

Just like our previous rope op there, this model is also made of lightweight and durable steel cable material with PVC coating to ensure it doesn’t wear easily—even if you train outdoors or on hard surfaces, every day.

It presents you with an easy grip handle that feels more comfortable than most ropes out there. The handle has a unique rotating rod design (with the cord exiting it at a perpendicular angle) to ensure super-fast spins with no tangling. This rope will, doubtlessly, deliver the speed you need to master you double unders!

The manufacturer of this rope also understands that boxers don’t come in standard sizes, which means they require ropes of different sizes. This explains why they’ve made the rope length fully adjustable to suit your specific body height. The included instructions will show you to easily adjust the length to your desired length.

Since this rope also feels extremely lightweight and has a small size, you can use it anywhere you wish, even when you’re on the go. A 100% FREE handy carry bag is included for easy transportation to any place. A set of spare screws are also included in the package.

Best part of the deal? This rope is covered by Fitness Master’s lifetime warranty. If you’ve got any issues with your top, you can send it back for a full refund of your money or get a replacement!

Highlighted features:

  • Made for speed
  • Ability to adjust length
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 90-degree smooth handle turning
  • Manufacturer lifetime warranty

3. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope has also won the hearts of many as the best jump rope for boxing, MMA, wrestling, and martial arts. Like the other top ropes on this list, this jump rope comes fully dedicated to helping you enhance your endurance, coordination, speed, balance, dexterity, agility, and concentration.

The construction quality of this rope is next to none! WOD Nation combined ballistic nylon resin handles, patented silky smooth liquid steel bearings, and a kink-resistant nylon covered steel cable. The result is a jump rope that lasts forever.

Speed jump rope gets a new meaning in this jump rope. The patented 4-bearing, with 2 bearings in the handle and 2 to the tip to hold the steel cable. This takes the speed of the rope a giant step ahead of its rivals. Beginner jumpers will have instant success with this rope; the bearings at the tip will ensure that the cable doesn’t lose shape or speed even if you’re not swinging your hands the right way.

This jump rope is also adjustable. You’ll find owner instructions in the box on how to customize its length to meet your specific needs.

And believe you me; what you’ll get in the complete WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope package is worth more than what you’ll pay for. You’ll get an extra cable, a comparable jump rope, and a FREE carry bag. This is simply a deal you can’t beat! Not to forget the rope with 100% lifetime guarantee!

Highlighted features:

  • Speed jump rope
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Extra cable included
  • FREE carrying bag

4. Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope is another incredibly popular boxing rope that was built to meet the needs of all genders, ages, and skill levels. Apart from boxing, you can use it for other workouts such as MMA, crossfit, and the low impact exercise programs.

The moderately priced rope is designed with the jumper comfort in mind. This is evident from the lightweight design plus comfort foam handles that help reduce the strain on your hands. In other words, this jump rope will eliminate any unnecessary discomfort, allowing you to fully concentrate on mastering the crucial boxing skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced jumper, you’ll have a smooth time using this rope. This is mainly because it’s made using ball-bearing handles for effortless rotation/swinging and a tangle-resistant rope. Moreover, you can easily adjust the rope length to your desired height for even easier jumping.

And yes, this rope is also a risk-free investment that you should buying without a single shade of doubt. It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee plus the manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustable, tangle-resistant rope
  • Ball bearing handles
  • Lightweight design plus comfort foam handles
  • Suitable for all ages, genders, skill levels
  • Comes with a free carrying pouch
  • check
    100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty

5. XYLsports Jump Rope

On a tight budget? If yes, the XYLsports Jump Rope comes at a pocket-friendly cost while offering you some of the features only found on the high-end jump ropes. Though initially designed for fitness boxing, you can use this jump rope for low-impact activities as well.

Despite the low cost, this jump rope boats of premium quality, durable construction. And this means that you’ll use it for an extended period of time. It comes with a total length of 9’8” which you can easily adjust (instructions on how to do it included) to your desired height. The rope 100% tangling-resistant and swings smoothly without requiring you to use a lot of energy.

Because the handles come with comfortable foam grips, you can rest assured that your hands will feel comfortable when holding this rope in your hands.

The manufacturer stands behind to show you how confident they’re in its quality and ability to deliver. They offer you a 100% money back guarantee & a lifetime warranty, so you can always reach out to them for replacement or refund if you have a problem with your rope.

Highlighted features:

  • Premium quality, durable jump rope
  • 9’8” easy adjustable rope
  • Comfortable foam grips
  • Swings smoothly and effortlessly
  • Uncoils easily; tangling-resistant
  • check
    100% money-back guarantee; lifetime warranty

6. 5BILLION Speed Jump Rope

If you’re looking for a portable speed jump rope that you can take with you to any place, the 5BILLION Speed Jump Rope will not disappoint. In addition to a small portable size, it comes with a FREE bag to help you carry it and from the gym or take it outdoors easily.

Besides portability, this rope is made to give you the skipping rope experience. It features an ergonomic handle with grooves where your index finger and thumb will rest when jumping. This will give you a comfortable, natural feel. On top of this, the handle has a sweatband tape to stop your sweaty hands from easily slipping when jumping.

The ergonomic, non-slip hand works closely with the Pro ball bearings to help you maintain the high momentum you need when hitting double unders. Professional boxers have openly admitted to reaching extreme speeds of over 320 jumps per minute.

For maximum durability, this rope is made using a steel cable that will not wear out easily, even if you subject it to regular use on the hardest surfaces. The rope measures 3m long, and you can easily adjust it to fit your desired height and specific workout needs.

Inside the box, you’ll get an extra cable (10’1.25" in diameter), weighted jump rope (10’1.25" in diameter), and a comprehensive workout guide—all at the same original cost!

Highlighted features:

  • Top-quality construction
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle
  • Suitable for all ages and genders
  • Fully adjustable 3m cable
  • Small size and free bag for easy carry

7. Fitness Insanity Jump Rope

Beginners and advanced level boxers who want to master the most crucial boxing skill should consider investing in this Fitness Insanity Jump Rope. Accompanied by an unbelievably low price tag, this rope will help you not only train for boxing, but also MMA, WOD, jumping, bodybuilding, cardio, and even personal fitness training.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor workout, this top-quality jump rope is made using steel cord (covered with durable, thick coating) to extend its lifespan.

The jump rope is also made for speed. It features a unique handle design with 360-degree smooth turning handle to ensure super-fast spins, with no friction, no tangling experience. The solid ball bearings on the handle are engineered to deliver incredibly fast and smooth rotations.

You can adjust the cord length to suit your body height or the specific skipping trick you intend to do. The ability to alter the height makes this rope ideal for boxers of all ages, genders, and different body heights.

Similar to most of the previously discussed models, this rope is also lightweight and portable, making it suitable for use indoors and outdoors, or for boxers who are on the go a BONUS case is included in the package for easy carry.

The product comes backed by 100% lifetime guarantee. If you detect any problems with the rope as you continue using it, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer for a replacement or full refund.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality steel cable rope
  • Easy to adjust rope length
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 360-degree smooth turning handle
  • Made for speed
  • check
    100% lifetime guarantee

8. WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope

We’re almost hitting the end of our list of the 10 best boxing jump rope models. In our 8th spot, we feature another speed jump rope from WOD Nation manufacturers. They have re-engineered this jump to ensure it’s up to date with the latest science in sporting world.

Inside the box, you’ll find 2 unique cables to help meet your boxing workout demands. If you need to improve on your double unders and enhance your footwork, use the thin 2.2mm cable build for maximum speed drills. And if you want to build muscle and endurance, use the 3.3mm monster cable to give your upper and lower body a run for its money. The two-rope system makes this jump rope ideal for boxers with varying workout needs.

Because of the unique fold-over cable design, increasing or reducing the cable to your preferred height becomes easy and fast. Likewise, switching between the two cable will take less than a minute.

To ensure you exercise in comfort, the handles of this jump rope are made of beefy, non-slip grip tape (similar to the one you’ll find in the tennis racket handle). This way, you’ll keep in the game for longer. You also won’t have to worry about losing control of the rope during exercises.

While still on the handles, they’re integrated with aircraft grade steel bearings to facilitate maximum rope speed while holding up for longer than other bearings.

Other features worth a mention include a free travel bag for easy carrying of this rope to all places and 100% money back guarantee.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality steel cable rope
  • Made for speed
  • Easy to adjust rope size
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • 100% money back guarantee

9. Rush Athletics Speed Rope

Rush Athletics Speed Rope also ranks among the best boxing speed ropes for boxers. It’ll help you enhance your speed, agility, coordination, and all the other benefits associated with a jump rope.

Built for all skill levels, this rope will offer you superior speed and comfort feel with its slick and durable design. The handle features an ergonomic, lightweight design to allow for extra comfort and smooth transition between tricks during workouts.

The rope comes with a long enough length (measures 10ft or 3.05m) to allow you to easily adjust it to your desired height. Making the adjustments is quite easy with the included instructions.

Unfortunately, this rope is made of vinyl PVC and should not be used on hard surfaces like concrete and other similar hard floorings.

Highlighted features:

  • 10’ (3.05m) adjustable speed rope
  • 5mm thick vinyl PVC rope
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handle
  • Complete instructions included

10. Ziyue Jump Rope Premium Speed Rope

Finally, we have the Ziyue Jump Rope Premium Speed Rope. This is the cheapest high speed jumping rope on our list. But don’t judge it by its cost; it has undergone upgrades in all areas to improve its quality and convenience—making it the best rope you can get for the money.

Being a super-speed model, this rope combines a powerful design built-in 360-degree plus double ball bearing. The two work together to give the rope unbreathable rotation power and extraordinary flexibility of movement. This way, the rope can grant you high-speed swings while creating an incredibly stable rope rhythm to help you easily recover from wrong swings.

We also found it amazing that the rope length is fully adjustable to help you obtain a more customized jump rope. Use the two sliding screws and collars to set your preferred length of cable. You can cut off the excess cable length with a wire cutter for your own convenience.

Thanks to the comfort foam handles, you’ll not experience any hand strains that might limit your affect your skipping rope workouts.

Even with a crazily low cost, the entire jump rope comes with durable construction that will outlast most of the high priced models out there. The rope won't snap, break, or crack any time soon.

Highlighted features:

  • Top-quality construction
  • High-speed jump rope
  • Tangle-resistant rope
  • Adjustable length wire rope
  • Stables grips ensure less hand fatigue

What To Check Before Buying?

If you haven’t bought a skipping rope before, you’re likely to make the same mistake most starters do:

Enter a store, look around and grab any skipping rope that looks good to you, pay for it, and take it home.

But it’ll be a matter of time before you notice that you picked the wrong rope that doesn’t meet your workout demands

To ensure you don’t make that mistake, we’ve outlined the top aspects to check in a skipping rope before to ensure you end up with the right one for you.

These KEY aspects to look for include:

Rope Material

The type of material used to design the skipping rope you want to buy should be the first thing you should look for.

The most common materials sued to design skipping ropes include licorice, PVC, cable/wire, vinyl, cloth/fiber, and beaded segmented ropes.

Most people prefer the PVC and vinyl made as they make an excellent choice for both casual and advanced jumpers.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend you to go for PVC or licorice ropes as they usually feel light, allowing for speed jumping. Skilled jumpers can invest in the licorice, cable, and beaded ropes depending on their preferences.

NOTE: if you plan to use your rope on hard and abrasive surfaces, e.g., concrete, or you’re simply looking for an outdoor skipping rope, then make sure you go for the strongest materials that won’t wear out easily. PVC and cable steel tend to last longer.

AVOID a leather jump rope as much as you can…such ropes are usually heavy and pulling out a decent rhythm with them might prove hard.


The next crucial factor to look for when choosing a skipping rope is its overall length.

If you go for a rope that’s too long, it might tangle up on the ground and slow down your workouts, requiring you to use more energy to swing it. And if you get a too short rope, it might become hard to jump through or do various techniques for jump ropes easily.

So, which is the perfect jump rope length for you?

Your ideal length should directly depend on your height. The following table will give you an idea of the right size for your body height:

Body Height

Ideal jump rope length

Below 4’0″

6 ft

4’0″ — 4’9″

7 ft

4’10” — 5’3″

8 ft

5’4″ — 5’10”

9 ft

5’11” — 6’5″

10 ft

6’6″  and above

11 ft


You can use this method to determine the perfect rope height for you:

  • Stand on the cable with both feet
  • Measure the cable in such a way that the ends of both handles reach the top of your armpits. If the handles fall below your armpits, then the rope is too short for you.
  • If the rope goes past for your armpits, mark the excess length and cut it off using a wire cutter (you can get one at your local hardware store). Feed the rope back to the handle and tighten and you’ve got a customized jump rope!

(Most manufacturers will send you a list of instruction specific to your rope to show you how to correctly adjust your rope size to your desired height).


The handle is also crucial when it comes to picking the ideal skipping rope for your boxing training.

As you might have noted from the top 10 ropes we’ve discussed earlier, the handle varies as you move from one rope to the next. Some look short & thick, some are long and thin, short and thin. Still, some come with funky shapes.

With that in mind, check the following aspects of a skipping rope handle to ensure you get the best:

  • Handle material: make sure it; made using durable handle that won’t easily wear out or bend with regular use. Cheap plastic handles are a red flag!
  • Handle length: when just starting out, get a medium standard length handle. If you want to do skipping rope tricks, go for a longer handle. And if you’re all about speedy skipping, the shorter will work for you.
  • Handle weight: some ropes come with weighted, metal handles to provide you with even more challenge and help tone your arms. However, keep in mind that a weighted handle will slow down your jump roping.
  • Handle thickness: thicker handle will offer you a better grip, but might feel heavier and make it hard to do skipping rope tricks. Thinner handles are popular with speed ropes as they let you whip your rope with increased speed.
  • Handle-rope connection: if looking for a speed rope, pick a rope with a 90-degree rope-handle connection. If you want better control of your rope and smoother transition, look for handles with ball bearing swivel connection (this style is usually found in premium ropes that come at a higher price). The regular connection where the rope goes into the handle is found in cheap models.

The Extra factors include:

  • Though skipping ropes are generally portable, buying a model that comes with a carry case will make it even easier for you to take your rope with you to any place.
  • You might also want to invest in a smart rope which counts the number of jumps you have made, monitors your calorie burning progress, etc., making your life even easier. However, you might have to spend a little bit more on this rope.
  • Adjustable rope length can help you easily adjust the length of your rope according to your preferences. It can also save you the money you might need to spend on ropes of different lengths.
  • A warranty is a good indicator that you’re making a risk-free investment. It shows you that the manufacturer has confidence in their jump rope and are ready to take responsibility for any defects or problems you might encounter with your rope.

7 Tips For Using a Jump Rope For Boxing Purposes

Now that you’ve secured for yourself the best jump rope for boxing, you’re all set and ready to start the game.

But first, you’ll need to learn the way of the rope, to ensure you do it the right way (and reap the benefits we said earlier).

These are our 7 top beginner tips below on how to use your jump rope like a pro:

1. Make sure you only breathe through your nose. This will help calm your breathing as well as increase your endurance when jumping.

2. For every jump you make, ensure you land on your feet balls, while you keep your bent a little bit

3. for the ultimate balance, make sure you stand straight up without curling into a ball in air

4. To develop rhythm in all the rope jumping techniques and tricks, concentrate on making shorter and faster jumps as opposed to the longer, slower jumps.

5. Let your rope hit the ground gently. This will give you an audible rhythm that you can follow when jumping

6. You should spin/move your arms and not your shoulders. This will keep your straps and shoulders loose and keep you from jumping too high. Remember the goal is to jump as low as possible to avoid using too much energy.

7. Finally, avoid stopping during rest periods as much as you can. The only time you should consider stopping is when your calves start hurting (to avoid risking shin splints).

Final Verdict   

The jump rope is one of the simplest and most effective training techniques for all boxers. All pro boxers have used this technique in their boxing lives and agree that it has a significant impact on their overall ring performance.

Just a quick recap, jumping with a boxer’s rope will help improve your rhythm, conditioning, coordination, power, and even footwork. The fact that this workout targets nearly all your body muscles makes it a better choice than running and bike riding.

As a portable training kit, you can practice with it anywhere, anytime, even when you’re on the go.

If you’ve not bought a skipping rope before or don’t have an idea which one to choose, our list of the 10 best jump ropes for boxers will show you what the best rope should look like.

Likewise, our beginner-friendly buying guide will reveal to you the easiest path to getting a great skipping rope.

And when you finally get your perfect rope for you from our top 10 recommendations, be sure to follow our top 7 tips on how to use it the right way and get the most out of it.

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