How Many Rounds Are There In Boxing?

"Rounds" is the term used in the boxing arena to refer to the duration of a contest.

As you know, all the rules and regulations involved in boxing are set by the World Boxing Federation.

This includes the number of rounds. And if you’re interested in this sport, or just want to know everything about it, you’ve got to know the number of rounds involved in it.

The Number of Rounds in Boxing:

There’s no specific number of rounds in boxing.


Because the rounds vary depending on what level you’ve attained in your boxing career (in other words, it depends on the type of contest you’re participating in.

Here’s the breakdown of these rounds as set by the world boxing federation:

  • World titles comprises of 12 rounds for males and 10 rounds for females
  • If you’re participating in the Intercontinental titles, you’ll enjoy up to 12 rounds and 10 rounds if you’re female boxer
  • As for the international contest, there are 10 rounds (which can go as high as 12 upon request) and 8 rounds for the females
  • And then there are regional titles that consist of 10 rounds


Each round should last for a total of 3 minutes (or 2 minutes for females). And there should be a 1-minute rest period between the rounds.

Females enjoy two rounds lower rounds than their male counterparts in their boxing matches.

Why do the professional (the world and intercontinental) games carry 12 rounds?

If you’re like me, you’d just be wondering the same question.

Out of my curiosity, I discovered that there exists some fascinating history behind these 12 rounds…

Long before, the rounds used to be higher than this (to be specific they used to be 15). And the person behind the reduction of the number was one of the famous boxers.

Guess who?

The boxer Duk Koo Kim!

In 1982, the boxer fell into a comma in the 14th round of WBA lightweight contest in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Four days later, he passed away in the hospital. Kim has never participated in a 15 round bout before.

The news of his death brought chills across the boxing world, to the point that two people committed suicide.

The Making of 12 Rounds:

Shortly after this unfortunate string of events, the world boxing council set a new list of healthy measures for the fighters- including the reduction of boxing rounds from 15 to 12.

Other boxing organization soon adopted this particular rule, and by 1990s, 12 rounds have become the norm.


I hope your question is well answered now. The rounds in boxing matches depend on the type of contest. The fighters in the intercontinental and world games go for 12 rounds, while those in regional and international events go for 10 rounds. Keep in mind that the number of rounds for international events can be adjusted to 12 upon request.

Each round lasts for 3 minutes with a 1-minute break between the breaks.

Female fighters enjoy two rounds lower than male fighters in all contests.

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