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MMA Fighter vs. Boxer: Who Will Win The Fight?

MMA and Boxing, the two world’s top combat sports came together on 26th August when Conor McGregor took on Floyd Mayweather Jnr in Las Vegas. In other words, the world’s biggest MMA fighter to ever come from UFC-McGregor- took on the most successful boxer in the boxing world- Mayweather. It was the biggest fight in the history […]

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Best Boxing Gloves For You – Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

How well are you prepared for your boxing career? If you don’t have a pair/pairs of the best boxing gloves, I’m afraid you won’t go far with your boxing endeavors. Putting on any random pair of gloves you come across will not only hurt your boxing training but will also affect your ring performance. Even worse, it’ll […]

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10 Best Speed Bags For You – Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Hey boxers, Wanna throw your punches in quick reflexes- the same way a tiger lashes its lethal paws? If yes, I suggest that you start by getting yourself one of the best speed bags on the market today. Regarded as a Must-have gear for all serious boxers, a speed bag significantly improves your hand speed and hand-to-eye coordination. […]

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The Ten Best Boxing Movies Ever Made

Some of the world’s most popular movies are sports-themed. Here I highlight the top ten boxing movies ever made. Some of the best movies to have graced our screens have been about boxing. It is no wonder why, as boxing is both a sport that requires both tremendous skill and heart.  This sport depicts many admirable […]

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Learning Basic Boxing Punches

Before launching a quest for the heavyweight title or just learning boxing for fun, it’s imperative to learn appropriate punching techniques and develop suitable striking methods. Boxing can best be described as a sport one can learn the basics in an afternoon, yet never master the fundamentals throughout a lifetime.Develop an Appropriate Boxing Guard or Stance […]

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Thai Boxing in Koh Samui

Accommodation at Lamai Gym The accommodation is cleaned daily and the bedding is changed every other day. The level of hygiene maintained is very high and the simple layout and structure of all the rooms ensures that they are easy to keep clean. Onsite laundry facilities are available and the service is quick and for a little […]

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Why and How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing Properly?

Boxing is no longer a game for the pros. You can start the training sessions today and build your way up the ladder to the heights of legends (like Mohammed Ali). My uncle is a living proof of this possibility. He has been attending training for a while, and I can bet he’s getting better at it […]

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The Best Boxing Hand Wraps for 2018: Reviews and Buying Guide

Boxing is doubtlessly one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumped sports ever invented. But that shouldn’t make you forget just how brutal it is. Until you have thrown a few punches, either at your opponent or a heavy punching bag, you may not realize just how devastating an impact the sport can have on your hands. Trying […]

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  • Updated February 16, 2018
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