How To Clean And Wash Boxing Gloves?

After all that pounding of faces and bodies, your boxing gloves are bound to get a bit dirty and grimy. What with the blood (your opponent’s as well as yours), the sweat (ditto), and dust.

If you don’t wash your boxing gloves, they will get too filthy. They become breeding grounds for bacteria. But how should you clean them? Is there a correct procedure of doing it?

You bet there is. And I will spill the beans right here right now. Here is what you should do.

1. Dry Them

After a bout, dry them. Let them dry completely. You see, the main reason boxing gloves become such fertile breeding grounds for germs is their dampness, especially from sweat.

When you dry your gloves, you eliminate the moisture which germs are counting on to survive. If you have a fan, hang them in front of it. If not, take them out in the sun and air-dry them.

2. Wipe after Use

Another preventive measure of keeping your gloves clean is wiping them both inside and out with a paper towel after using them. The aim is to reduce moisture.

3. Use Antibacterial Spray

Just before you dry the gloves after use, go at them with an anti-bacterial spray. It will kill all the bacteria in the gloves. It is these bacteria which feed on your sweat, and as they multiply, create that bad odor you associate with unclean gym equipment.

Don’t put the gloves in your bag right away.  The lack of ventilation in the bag will provide a favorable environment for bacteria to grow, feeding on the sweat still inside your boxing gloves. No, first, dry them to get rid of the moisture, and only then should you put them in a bag.

However, don’t use anti-bacterial spray on your gloves habitually. Once in a blue moon is okay, especially if you have neglected cleaning for a long time and your gloves are super stinky. But make sure you dry them extra-thoroughly afterward.

4. Cleaning the Inside of Your Boxing Gloves

After you have wiped the moisture from inside the gloves using a paper towel, use a half-and-half vinegar plus water solution to sanitize and disinfect the boxing gloves.

Have this vinegar solution in a spray bottle, and spritz the inside of the gloves a few times. White vinegar will do, and so will apple cider vinegar. To give the solution a stronger antibacterial/antifungal potency, add several drops of tea tree oil to it.

Whatever else you do, don’t use harsh cleaning sprays as they will damage your gloves. They could also cause some skin problems.

5. Cleaning the Exterior of Your Boxing Gloves

Use the same vinegar and water solution. Spray on the exterior of the gloves until there is a light coat of mist on them, and wipe down with a clean towel. This is how you remove the sweat and dirt, to have your gloves in immaculate condition.

6. Conditioning Your Boxing Gloves

Most boxing gloves are made of leather. So you should condition them now and then to keep them in excellent condition.

You see, leather is skin. And skin dries out. So you condition it to keep it in the best shape.

Buy a good commercial leather conditioner for this job, and apply a small amount of it to the outside of your gloves. You could also use lemon essential oil as an alternative, and apply a few drops of it to the same.

Apply the oil using a lint-free cloth which you move in a circular motion on the exterior surface of your leather gloves.

Finally, wipe down the conditioned surface with a clean towel.

7. Dry after Cleaning

In the same way that you dry the gloves after use, you should air-dry them after cleaning and conditioning them. Take them out in the sun or put them in front of a fan and let the moisture of the cleaning products dry out.

Another drying hack is stuffing the gloves with newspaper. The newspaper absorbs any moisture within them while keeping the gloves propped open for better air circulation.

If the newspaper becomes moist, take it out and put in a fresh one. But air-drying is more reliable.

Blow drying would also work.

Final Verdict

The thing to remember about cleaning your boxing gloves is to keep out the moisture because of germs. So dry them as often as possible. After every use, dry them. And dry them after you clean them.

If you take good care of your gloves, they will last longer and smell great. Who doesn’t want that?

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