Amazing Gift Ideas For Boxing Lovers To Surprise Them!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a boxing lover, you’re on the right page.

Boxing is one of the most popular sports nowadays, drawing fans from across the globe. It’s not just a good combat sport but also a good way to lose weight and stay healthy, fit.

Now, the problem with gifts for boxers isn’t finding the gift itself…it’s getting the perfect one to give to your friend, family member, partner, or colleague who’s into boxing.

In this post, we’ve gathered up to 12 amazing gift ideas that ALL boxing lovers will truly appreciate.

Read on to discover these top gift ideas…

1. Boxing Gloves

If your boxer doesn’t have a pair of boxing gloves, you just found the right gift for him or her.

You can buy them a quality pair of gloves that they can wear at the gym, instead of putting on the gym pair that every dick and harry wears. Or they can use them for home training.

Besides quality, you might also want to buy the boxers a pair of gloves that has been autographed by their favorite fighter.

2. Punching Ball

If the boxer you’re planning to buy the gift sits by the desk most of times, this is the perfect gift for them.

A desktop punch ball is usually fixed on the desk such that the boxer can always give it a whack whenever they feel stressed

A punching ball is just fun, unique and helpful!

3. Heavy Bag

Yes, a heavy bag!

Most of the boxers would like to have a punching bag at home for extra training. And in that case, buying them heavy bag will make them feel happy!

Good news is that there are multiple heavy bags for boxing on the market that you can get for the boxer. You just need to know what to look for to ensure you get a quality, long-lasting bag that enhances their training.

4. Boxing Boots

If the boxer is just getting into the game or does a lot of training in a day, buying them an extra pair of boxing shoes will help them.

While looking for a shoe, make sure you get a pair that’s comfortable to wear, matches the boxer shoe size, and has a quality construction for long lasting service.

5. Gym Bag

One thing we can all agree on is that boxers carry a huge load of gear for training—including headgear, boxing gloves, focus mitts, boxing shoes, etc. Sometimes they’ll even need to carry battle ropes and balance boards.

With that in mind you can buy them a good quality gym that offers a huge space to help them conveniently carry all their gym to the gym and back home.

6. Imitation Championship Belt

It is the dream of every boxer to one day hold the championship belt. However, not all of them get this chance.

That said, you can give your boxing lover a feel of the title belt by buying them the imitation belt. It looks just like the real belt.

You can even go a step further and find them a signed version of this belt to make it even more personal. Doesn’t everyone love personalized gifts?

7. Boxing Mug

We came across a mug designed to look just like a boxing glove and we have no doubts that it’ll make the perfect gift for all boxers and boxing fans.

The mug looks really nice and the boxers can actually drink in it; it can hold any beverage of your choice, including coffee, tea, etc.

And oh! It’s made using ceramic to make it last longer than the plastic mugs.

8. Mohammud Ali Autograph Print

If you fail to get autographed equipment for the boxing lover, you might consider getting Mohammed Ali Autograph Print for them.

And not just Muhammad Ali, you can actually enquire who their favorite fighter is and get them an autographed photo of the same.

One amazing fact about this kind of gift is that it’ll act as a source of motivation to the boxer. And they can even hang it on the wall so everyone else sees it.

9. Punch Tracker

A punch tracker is also a great gift idea for any boxer out there. As the name suggest, this is a device that enables the boxer to monitor their punching output in real time.

This is to mean that the boxer will be able to easily track their sparring sessions as well as monitor the intensity and speed of each session and compare the data.

This will enable the fighter to see if they’re making any progress and make the necessary adjustments to their training.

A punch tracker would be a perfect gift for all skill levels.

10. Custom made Clothing

This can be a tee, hoodie, robe, etc. You can customize them with a design related to boxing to make it just the best the thing the boxer has ever seen.

11. Safety/Protective Gear

You can also the boxing lover that you care about their well-being by buying them some safety or protective gear.

Some of these equipment include the groin guard, gum shield, mouth guard, head guard, etc. You can also check what their gym requires as the safety gear to get a better idea what safety gear you should buy for them.

TIP: This type of would be even more suitable for a beginner boxer, though you can buy it for seasoned boxers as well.

12. Boxing Gloves Necklace

What if your boxer friend likes wearing necklaces? In that case, you can surprise them by giving them a ‘boxing bling.’

There are many variables you can get out there but the best one we came across features a boxing glove shaped pendant plus a stainless steel frame.

Of course, you can always get any jewel that you believe the boxer will appreciate.

Most of the vendors will ship the necklace with a nice gift bag, so that it looks even more presentable as you give it the boxer.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for a boxer or boxing fan, this list will give you different gift ideas that they’ll love. All of these gifts are also within budget and quite affordable, so anyone can buy them without breaking the bank.

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