How Do MMA, UFC Fighters Cut Weight?

Cutting weight is a crucial for all MMA, UFC fighters, especially if they’re about to participate in a match.

Unfortunately, trying to cut weight is one of the most challenging parts of MMA. Most of them don’t have a clue how to go about it, while others use methods that don’t work.

If you’re one of the fighters looking for effective methods of losing weight, this article is for you.

Below, we have outlined a list of the best methods that pro fighters employ to help them cut weight easily and quickly.

Take Proper Diet

To begin with, mixed martial arts have a proper dieting plan. Proper balance of water and salt intake into the body is fundamental to a healthy weight loss.

This can only be attained through eating a lot of proteins and fats. There is a day-to-day meal strategy by a nutritionist so as to keep this practical. However, each and every fighter has their own meal plan.

A nutrition plan will help in reducing the intake of calories. One requires less than 50g of carbohydrates, no fruits or starch each day.


The other method used by boxers to lose weight is through keeping pace with your road work. As a fighter you are expected to cut weight before a competition.

This process helps in marking your metabolism and avoids you from gaining weight. Road work is the best exercise for burning additional calories.

Through this, you will be able to feel hungry thus intake of food to replace the lost calories. In this case, you will not add extra weight but keep fit.

Sweating it out

Another great technique that will help you cut weight involves taking your body through vigorous workouts.

Most fighters are able to cut weight through running on the treadmill, cycling, doing sprints with trash bags for heat retention etc. Since most body weight comes through fluid intakes, fighters use these sweating exercises to get rid of the excess heaviness.

However, not that the fighters do not shed off significant volume of weight with this method as excessive dehydration might be very severe.

Hot showers

The other method is taking hot baths. Sounds weird, right?

Hot environs results into sweating. Your body tends to sweat even more in a hot and moist environment. Therefore, most fighters soak in hot bath tubs for up to 10 minutes or more and this process helps in losing water quickly from the body.

If you are looking for the faultless way of trailing water from the body without sweating, then this is the best step to undertake.


Natural diuretics like the dandelion root are also a unique way of cutting weight. Losing weight for boxers is very tiresome but very possible within a night with this natural formula.

Some MMA fighters use this especially a day to the fight to lose water if need be. The body tends to hold some water in the cell or outside the cell thus making one add weight.

With this remedy, you will be able to get rid of the water resulting to weight loss. Furthermore, this root acts very fast and has no side effects to the body.

Proper Training

Training is also an essential constituent in weight loss. MMA and UFC fighters do a lot of aerobic conditioning and specific exercises that engages the back and legs. These exercises effectively burn the excess calories thus cutting off the excess weight.

Some of these trainings include; squats, lunges, upright and bent rows and deadlifts. They result into lean muscle development that continues weight loss.

Slow weight cut

Cutting weight slowly is also noble. The process is not easy and thus you need to start your weight loss bit by bit.

Having a record of your weight each and every time will enable you to keep track of how much you need to cut. This record will also inform you on how much weight you can gain and within which period of time.

To facilitate weight loss slowly, you need to start all the dieting as soon as possible.

Restrictive Salt Intake

Avoiding salt is the other way in which fighters cut weight. The main function of salts in the body is to hold water. Fighters avoid this is because they want to lose water. Salt is a water-retaining component.

Continual salt intake will make the process harder and, therefore, you are required to limit or avoid it. Limiting salt in your food eases the process of eliminating water from the body.

Avoiding stress

One major cause of weight gain is stress. To prevent stress, you need to balance your time well. Ensure you get enough sleep, balance your lifestyle and avoid any stressful situation. When your body is stress free you lose weight thus becoming healthy.


It takes the mixed martial artists and UFC fighters a lot to cut weight. The above steps are some of the fastest ways to lose extra weight.

For the process to be healthy and successful, you need a professional trainer to guide you. This will not only help you achieve your aim but will also help to prevent you from harming your body.

Medical supervision is also vital because some fighters become dehydrated during this period. Nevertheless, these processes can only work best for professional fighters.

  • July 4, 2018
  • MMA
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