How to Build a Wrestling Ring – The Easiest Way Possible

Nothing beats wrestling for entertainment and all-around awesomeness. But did you know you can make your own wrestling ring right there in the comfort of your backyard?

Sure. You don’t have to wait until WWE comes on to get a taste of pure wrestling fun. You can bring WWE to your backyard, and I will show you how.

Read this article to learn all the steps you need to take to build the wrestling ring of your dreams. It’s easy if you are into DIY projects.

Here’s what you will need before you start building:

  • 2 bags of cement
  • 80 tires, give or take (it depends on how large you want your ring to be)
  • 4 4x4 posts (each 8ft long)
  • 7 sheets of 4x8 plywood
  • 12 turnbuckles and eyebolts
  • 15ft tarp
  • Plenty of rope-padding (like mattress pads)
  • 12 pieces of 2x4 wood (could be more)
  • 8 14ft 1x3 boards
  • A good helping of 3-inch nails and screws

After securing these things, you are ready to start. Next, I give you the step-by-step process you should follow when building your DIY wrestling ring.


  1. Take the tires and lay them side by side. How large do you want your ring to be? I mean lengthwise and widthwise. For height, stack a layer of tires on top of the first layer. Height also depends on your personal choice. It’s crucial you secure enough tires; otherwise, the ring won’t be bouncy enough.
  2. At the four corners of the ring, dig 2-foot deep holes into which you should then stick the four 8-foot 4×4 poles. These shall be your ring posts. They will be the what holds your ring ropes.
  3. Once the posts are in the ground, use some boards of wood to hold them in place, upward-facing, while you cement them in the ground. After you have cemented the ring posts, give them a day. Then you may remove the boards of wood you used to hold them up in place while the cement dried.
  4. Use the 1×3 boards to make a frame which will go round your ring. The purpose of this frame is to hold your tires in place. The board should be as tall (but not taller, as that would cause injury), as the height of your tires (although you will add the mattress padding layer on top afterward).
  5. Since the distance between one pole and the other, especially lengthwise is considerable, it is likely that the frame won’t hold very well after a while. So to add the needed extra support, use some of the 2×4 pieces of wood, sticking them into the ground like pegs, and nailing them to the frame.
  6. Also, the frame is rather thin. As a result, the tires, especially those on the top layer, are likely to keep shifting and pushing out the top of the frame, what with the vigorous wrestling action. So use some of the 2×4 pieces of wood, screwing them across the inside top of the frame. This will keep the frame straight and steady.
  7. Using the 2×4, make another frame. This is what you will place on top of the tires as a floor for the ring. The construction of the frame should be with the widest side of the 2×4 wood facing up. The inside pieces must be 4 feet.
  8. The frame should be a perfect fit between your outside frame. After you have made this frame, place it on top of the tires.
  9. Screw your plywood on the frame, then place the mattress padding on top, covering it with a tarp.
  10. Tucking the tarp under the frame of your ring, nail it on, ensuring it’s firmly fixed.
  11. Make three holes 16 inches apart in each of your ring posts, and screw the eyebolts into them (3 for each ring post).
  12. Hook the turnbuckles on the eyebolts in all 4 corners.
  13. Insert the rope through the eye of each turnbuckle, cutting the rope to length. A foot of rope should overlap to enable splicing.
  14. Splice the rope. Repeat for all the ropes. Begin with the bottom rope.
  15. Bingo. You’re done. You can start enjoying your ring.

Final Verdict

As you have seen, it is not a big deal building a wrestling ring. However, I must warn you that it’s imperative that you build it well to ensure it can support the weight of the wrestlers.

You should also remember that wrestling in the professional style can be dangerous for amateurs. So enjoy your ring, but remember: safety first.

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