How To Improve Reflexes and Reaction Time: Train Yourself

Reflexes are involuntary instantaneous/nerve signal-induced muscular propulsion in response to a stimulus.

This is made possible by the neural avenue that acts on an impulse to reach the brain.

For example, if you spot a ball flying toward your head, your brain will send a signal to your hand to block the ball before it can hit you.

Having good reflexes helps enhance your performance in sports, exercise, and everyday physical activities like walking along the street or driving.

Below, we’ll look at some proven techniques that you can employ to improve your reflex and reaction time.

PS: we’ve decided these techniques into 3 broad categories to make them easier for you to understand.

1. Physical Exercises:

Rubber bouncy ball

This can be done by either trying to capture a rubber bouncy ball which usually bounces at unpredictable angles. These balls can be purchased at most sports improve your reflex, toss the ball against an outdoor wall and focus on catching the ball as it bounces back in your direction.

With time, your reflex and reaction time will improve and you can throw the ball harder and challenge yourself to jump and dive at the ball.

Playing table tennis

Table tennis is a great indoor game sport that can help you improve your reflex and your reaction time through hand and eye coordination. You can simply do this by looking for a sports shop that sells table tennis tables and set it up.

Alternatively, you can join your local table tennis club and face off with other players and take up the challenge. However, if you have never been to a table tennis game, the local tennis club you join will be beneficial to you. They will help you understand the basics of the sport.

Try an everyday sport

You can pick up a favorite sport to be practicing every day such as badminton, hockey among other sports. The game you pick will help you improve and build your reflexes with time. These sports will generally need a quick reaction time and this will greatly help you build your reflexes.

Nature run

In order to improve your reflexes, you can start by running in the woods since it doesn’t require special equipment or a running partner. The rough footing will create a quality of stimuli to which your body will have to react. The more you run to the trail the quicker your reflexes and reaction time will improve.

Double end bag

This is mandatory equipment when one is training, especially in the boxing ring. The double end bag allows the boxer to work out on the punches co-ordination, reaction timing and reflexes. This bag helps the boxer with body shots as well as head shots. However, if the boxer wants rapid reflexes, he/she must work on the single double end bag as it bounces back and forth at a high speed.

2. Mental Exercises:

Improve your side vision

You can strengthen your ability to realize obstacles and flying objects by paying more attention to your side vision in your everyday activities. This will help you have a quick reaction time by looking keenly at what’s coming.

For example, you can look out a window and focus your vision on a distant object and this will let you become more aware of the objects that surround it on either side.

Playing video games

Playing video games requires a lot of good eye coordination since you must be able to move from your thought without pause or you can quickly lose focus on the game. The few minutes you spend playing the video games will help improve your reflexes and reaction time.

Practice being conscious

Practicing being mindfulness through regular meditation or focusing on the present moment will help you improve your reflexes. You can do this by clearing your mind through focusing all your attention on what is happening directly around you. Meditation will help you create awareness of your surroundings and allow you to notice more and how to react readily in every situation.

Neuro-linguistic programming

You can use the hypnosis technique to increase your awareness of a particular object. This can be done by giving sensation to the person being hypnotized that time has slowed down and that the person has more time to react.

For example, you can tell the person to watch a video about football being played in slow motion. The football might not be moving but you can make the person think it’s really moving.

3. Self-care Strategies:

Eating nutritious food

Eating healthy and keeping your body and brain in most favorable shape is a vital importance if you want quick reflexes. Making sure you are getting enough protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will help improve your reflexes.

Also eating healthy foods like nuts, fish, berries and drinking a lot of water to increase your reflexology since dehydration can decrease reflex times.

Taking supplements

Some nutritional supplements are said to aid in improving reflexes. Certain supplements like Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Omega 3’s are cited as dietary supplements worth for improved reflexes and reaction times.

Getting plenty of sleep

Getting quality sleep is incredibly important for your health as it helps your prompt your reflexes. Sleeping for seven to eight hours will quicken your reflexes since you have well rested. Not getting enough sleep will result in impaired reflex since both your body and brain will slow down when you’re sleepy.

Closing remarks

To have great reflexes, you have to use your sensitivity to be able to react almost instantly and be able to identify a change in your external environment. Catching up with a new sport will help you improve your patterns and skills which will greatly broaden your knowledge thus improving your reflexes and time reaction.

Reflexes have nothing to do with your person body size or body shape. And practicing regularly will help you improve your reflexes and time reaction.

For one to become a standard fighter, you’ll also need fast reflexes.

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