How to Jump Rope for Boxing?

Do you like jumping rope?

What about boxing?

And what, in this wide world, do these two activities have to do with each other?

I will tell you. You see, you can become a better boxer if you learn how to jump rope.

Truly. But then, you must make sure you jump rope in the correct way. Jump rope like a pro.

And that’s where I come in. In this article, I will let you in on the secrets of professional boxers, how they jump rope to get themselves in the best physical frame for a merciless onslaught on the ring

1. Bend the ankles and the bend the knees

So there is a right way and wrong way of jumping rope. The right way will make you stronger, but the wrong way will harm your body.

In yoga sitting, they have that cross-legged pose. In rope-jumping, you begin by bending your ankles and knees. So you are not standing straight.

Then you start skipping. As you skip, your ankles and knees remain bent. So you are landing on the balls of your feet rather than your heels.

Jumping on straight knees and landing flat on your feet might cause harm to your joints.

2. Bend the elbows

So when you look at videos of pros jumping rope, it looks like the elbows are straight, that they aren’t moving at all.

Don’t try that. As a beginner, make sure you bend your elbows and use them to spin the rope. With more practice and repetition, you will get into a natural rhythm where your elbows hardly move.

But don’t try keeping them rigid in an attempt to copy what you see in jumping rope videos.

3. Breathe with your nose

This is a big one. I’m sure you have noted that whenever you do anything strenuous, for instance, running, and you keep your mouth open, you pant like a dog, right?

That’s why you should keep your mouth closed when you are jumping rope. Breathe through your nose and stay calm. As yoga practitioners tell us, there is a right way and a wrong way to breathe. And when it comes to rope-jumping, through the mouth is the wrong way.

If you breathe through the mouth, you will start gasping for air after a while, and you won’t last two minutes. You will tire too quickly, with your chest heaving up and down, and your jumping session ruined too soon.

So close your mouth, and breathe normally.

4. Jump close to the ground

Don’t jump as high as you can. You will only tire yourself. You want to get into that sweet spot, that perfect natural rhythm where you can go at it for ages.

The way to achieve this rhythm is by jumping low to the ground. Since you don’t tire quickly, you conserve enough energy to keep jumping persistently until you get in the zone.

5. Make sure the rope is the right size

If the rope is too long, you will notice that it takes too long for it to make one revolution, and you also have to jump higher. This is frustrating, and you will tire quickly.

On the other hand, if your rope is too short, it will keep catching your ankle, tripping you. And will have to jump faster and faster just to keep up with the rope’s rapid spinning pace.

Here’s a sweet hack you can use to make sure your rope is the right size:

  • Hold the rope normally in front of you, holding the handles at your sides.
  • Put out your foot, and step on the middle of the rope.
  • Lift the handles of your rope and see how far they go.

The optimum rope is the one that reaches your armpit. So if it’s too short, find a longer one. And if it’s too long, hold the rope where it reaches your armpits, coiling the excess length around your hands.

6. Fifteen minutes a day

For good results, you should jump rope for 15 minutes straight daily. That will put you in good form. If it sounds like too much, work up to it gradually, doing better each day until you can comfortably do the 15 minutes and more.

Remember boxing is about tenacity.

Final Verdict

There you have it. Six practical, actionable steps you can integrate into your daily routine as you get into shape for boxing.

And you don’t have to be into boxing to follow these steps. They are valuable for anyone who wants to keep in good shape.

But lastly, I would say, just remember to have fun, okay?

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