How Much Are MMA Classes? Things You Should Know!

There are countless reasons why you should learn mixed martial arts. Training in different styles—like Judo, BJJ, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Judo, etc. — will teach you discipline, excellent physical workout, and self-defense.

BUT…what are the fees and prices of getting your head into MMA classes?

The best answer to this question is that it depends on which gym you choose to train with.

Different gyms charge different prices, so you’d want to choose the right gym that offers value for your money.

Below, we have outlined some important steps you should follow to ensure you get a gym that offers you the best value for your money.

1. How Much Is The Gym Charging?

The standard fees for most gyms fall around $100. If you get a gym charging exaggerated fees, you’d be better off looking for other gyms.

Make a list of all the gyms in your area and compare their charges.

While doing so, be on the lookout for gyms that charge a Registration fee’ and avoid them like the plague. In most cases, there’s no such fee for MMA classes, and anyone asking for it might only be interested in cashing in from you.

2. What Classes Are Being Offered?

You’d also want to check the classes the gym if offering. Because this is mixed martial arts, the best school should offer all the disciplines under the MMA title.

Unfortunately, most gyms do not have all the disciplines, probably due to lack of a professional instructor, meaning they’ll only offer you a few disciplines.

Assuming you have already decided what disciplines you want to learn, ensure the gym you pick offers you all of them.

3. Does The School Offer You a FREE trial?

Some gyms will offer you a free trial for a specified period of time to help weight their services and determine if it’s the right for you.

If you come across a gym offering you such an opportunity, don’t think twice about subscribing to them. You’ll have nothing to lose by doing so.

4. How About The Gear and Uniform?

You’ll also find that some gyms offer the training gear and uniform at an extra cost (in addition to the training fee) while some offer them for free.

Needless to mention, going to a gym that offers you free uniform will help you save a few bucks.

However, note that it’s not always possible to come across a gym offering free uniform. If none of the schools in your area has this offer, you can settle for one that charges a reasonable fee for their equipment.

5. Rule of Thumb: You Get What You Pay For

This is probably the most crucial step of all. The amount you spend on MMA classes is equivalent to the services you’ll get in return.

What we mean is, don’t get too excited about getting an MMA gym that has too low prices. You might be surprised to note that their instructors, gym equipment, etc. are horrible and will not help you attain your goals of becoming an MMA fighter.

Final Word

In conclusion, there’s no set amount of money that you should pay to train in an MMA school. The prices vary from school to school, with the standard fee being approximately $100.

The best way to go about pricing, therefore, is to ensure the MMA gym you choose to train you will offer you the best value for your money. Follow the steps we’ve just discussed in this post to select the right MMA gym for you easily.

  • July 4, 2018
  • MMA
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