MMA Training & Classes: How To Become an MMA Fighter?

So you’ve made up your mind to become an MMA fighter but don’t know where to start?

Well, this post is for you.

First, allow me to tell you that the process of moving from an absolute beginner to a pro MMA fighter isn’t as simple as you might think. It is really HARD, requires years of training, total dedication, and, of course, building a reputation.

Your first step to becoming a pro fighter is having a passion for the sport; else, you’ll leave halfway when the journey gets tough.

With that said, read our full post below to discover some crucial information and tips on how to become a pro MMA fighter.

Steps To Becoming a Professional MMA Fighter:

1. Have Passion

As I’ve already hinted you above, your first- and most important- step to becoming a professional MMA player is having a REAL passion for the sport.

If you join the training just because your friends are doing it, then you probably don’t have passion, and you’ll leave halfway when the going gets tough.

With passion, you’ll have more of determination, focus, discipline, consistency, and patience to strive on as the journey gets tougher.

2. Look For a Gym

Once you’ve set your mind that you really want to do this, then you should embark on developing the necessary skill for mixed martial arts.

To do that, you’ll need to learn how to fight. And the best way to do that involves joining a gym for training.

The fact that there are many gyms out there means that you’ll easily get one to kick-start your training sessions. I’d recommend you to look for one close to your workplace or home, and not too expensive.

Ensure the gym has professional trainers- they’ll help you discover your strengths while working on your weaknesses by assessing your overall performance and training.

Some experts would also recommend you to training in several gyms if possible- this gives you a chance to learn to learn from different coaches and practice with different opponents.

3. Consistent Training pays off

Once you start training, there’s no turning back. You train, train, and train. Most people, even with a passion for MMA, lack the drive at this point as they get tired of the harsh training sessions.

To ensure you don’t quit this early, accept the fact that this is a long process and you don’t achieve what you want overnight.

Spar with a variety of opponents to help you hone curial combat skills- like reaction, strike delivery, and speed of delivery.

Focus on discovering your strengths as well as what you’re good at. Some people might be good at grappling, others at striking (though expert fighters recommend you to master both of them). But whatever you’re good at, use it to your advantage.

Remember this is MIXED martial arts- whatever works for you man!

NOTE: When sparring, be sure to put on protective gear, such as MMA gloves, MMA shin guards, MMA mouthguards, etc., to keep your body safe from potential injuries that occur during training.

4. Participate in amateur fights

At this point, you’ve trained hard (really hard) and consistently for the last six months or so, and you might want to try your skill in the cage.

Consult your professional trainer on which are the best competitions for you to compete in. Continue building up the number of fights or matches you participate in per month.

And keep in mind that the more fights you win, the more scouts and sponsors will easily notice you.

Isn’t that all you require to accelerate your path to becoming a pro MMA fighter?

5. Networking is crucial for your career

While you might get lucky to be noticed by a sponsor during your many amateur fights above, we don’t guarantee you that this will always happen.

However, you can make yourself get easily noticed by doing this one thing- Networking!

Whenever you attend the big fight nights and conventions, let everybody you meet know that you’re training to become a professional MMA artist. Profile yourself as a fully dedicated, skilled fighter with a list of amateur titles under your belt.

More often than not, this will win the interest of most sponsors who’ll proceed to offer you a contract to become a pro fighter, assign you a team, and even hire a new trainer and manager for you.

Other proven networking methods include joining fight-centric websites as well as message boards that will help you build a name for yourself on the web.

Social networking can also be an excellent way to market yourself.

6. Follow the tips below to help you remain at the top of your game:

After years of hard work, focus, patience, and dedication, your career has finally started paying off. It feels rising to pro fighter levels, right?

But just like any other career, you’ll need to remain active to maintain your sports skill.

The following tips will help keep you on track in your MMA career:

  • Continue training correctly and regularly to ensure you’re always in good shape and are prepared for the ring anytime, any day. Avoid unhealthy life choices like alcohol and drugs.
  • Keep fighting; if you don’t, you’ll end up forgetting your skills and perform poorly the day you’ll hit the cage for a match.
  • If you lose, don’t give up. Everyone loses; it’s part of the game. Whenever you get beaten, just go back to the gym and train harder.
  • Above all, be sure to seek championship fights, where you’ll defend yourself against the best MMA fighters around. This is a top secret to maintaining your MMA career!

7. Buy Necessary Products

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Final Word

So, these are the critical steps to becoming a professional MMA fighter. As I’ve told you earlier, getting yourself to the top isn’t that easy, and you’ll need passion to get going.

With determination, focus, discipline, consistency, and patience, you’ll make it to a pro fighter.

Wish you luck!

  • February 22, 2018
  • MMA
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