How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

Looking for some great pair of boxing gloves to spar with?


But you aren’t sure if your wallet can afford the raid you will make on it, huh?

That’s alright. I will make it my mission in the course of this article to enlighten on the subject of boxing gloves and how much they cost.

What Factors Determine The Price of Boxing Gloves?

1. Brand

The best boxing gloves are, naturally, in high demand. These are gloves that have an elite status and are used by top boxers like Floyd Mayweather (Grant Boxing Gloves), Manny Pacquiao (Cleto Reyes), and Roman Gonzales (Winning). Everlast boxing gloves are also popular amongst boxers of the elite category.

So if you are looking for something expensive, high-end boxing gloves, go for Everlast, Cleto Reyes, Grant, and Winning.

These elite brands have different boxing glove models, providing for various financial capabilities. For instance, some Everlast gloves cost as much as $200, with cheaper ones costing around $50.

Grant boxing gloves are among the most expensive, with $300 being a bit on the cheaper end of them.

So even these big brands have gloves you can afford. Just go on Amazon, or visit a sporting goods store in your area, and browse through the selections. If you want something high end, you might need to arm yourself with as much as $700.

And if you are looking for economy gloves, the following brands will not disappoint you: Title, Ringside, and Rival. You will be able to buy any of these gloves for around $50 and below.

For instance, Title Classic boxing gloves have a price range between $15 and $40. So don’t miss out on having a comfy pair of gloves to spar with, thinking you can’t afford them. Figure out what brand you can afford and its price ranges.

Title boxing gloves are quite popular. They provide quality without being too expensive. Cheap products aren’t always of quality, and Title, Rival, and Ringside prove these. They are the best quality gloves for an affordable price.

2. Padding

The more heavily padded the pair of boxing gloves is, the more expensive it’s going to be. Padding is great because it ensures you are more comfortable when punching, and you are less likely to hurt your hands when punching.

Hitting bone and skull repeatedly is bound to cause pain and numbness in your hands. But that extra padding will cost you. It’s up to you to navigate the brands available with some cunning to find out which are offering you more padding at affordable prices.

3. Glove material

The material is also important in determining the price of a pair of boxing gloves.

Are they made of leather, synthetic leather, or vinyl?

Naturally, leather gloves will be more expensive.

Final Verdict

There you have it. If you have a low budget, you know that you can get a pair of boxing gloves for as low as $25.

It is true that cheap can sometimes mean low quality, but not always. If you choose good brands, such as Title and Rival, you will get high-quality gloves for a low price.

And if you are looking for something high end, something Manny Pacquiao or Mayweather would comfortably wear, Grant, Everlast, and Cleto Reyes are just the thing for you.

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