How To Win At Arm Wrestling – Expert Guideline

How many times have you involved yourself in an arm wrestling and lost terribly? I know you’ve always felt totally embarrassed and had to hide your face as you walk away from the scenes. You leave your mate being congratulated…and if that scene was a bar, he undoubtedly worn a couple of girls’ heart and […]

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What Is Freestyle Boxing? Thing You Should Know!

So you are interested in freestyle fighting. You have zeroed in on boxing as the one thing you want to get really good at. Freestyle boxing, that’s what you want to learn. Maybe it’s because you have a background in boxing, and want to take it a notch higher. That’s exactly what I will be telling you about […]

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How to Jump Rope for Boxing?

Do you like jumping rope? What about boxing? And what, in this wide world, do these two activities have to do with each other? I will tell you. You see, you can become a better boxer if you learn how to jump rope. Truly. But then, you must make sure you jump rope in the […]

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How To Clean And Wash Boxing Gloves?

After all that pounding of faces and bodies, your boxing gloves are bound to get a bit dirty and grimy. What with the blood (your opponent’s as well as yours), the sweat (ditto), and dust. If you don’t wash your boxing gloves, they will get too filthy. They become breeding grounds for bacteria. But how […]

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How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

Looking for some great pair of boxing gloves to spar with? Good… But you aren’t sure if your wallet can afford the raid you will make on it, huh? That’s alright. I will make it my mission in the course of this article to enlighten on the subject of boxing gloves and how much they […]

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How Many Rounds Are There In Boxing?

“Rounds” is the term used in the boxing arena to refer to the duration of a contest. As you know, all the rules and regulations involved in boxing are set by the World Boxing Federation. This includes the number of rounds. And if you’re interested in this sport, or just want to know everything about it, you’ve […]

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How Do I Get Into Boxing: Detailed Guide

I know you just want to know exactly how you can get your feet into the boxing sport and probably build your career all the way up. So I don’t want to waste your time with a huge intro. I’ll head straight to the point… The Basics of Boxing: Becoming a Boxer These are simply […]

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  • Updated August 3, 2017
  • Boxing
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