Thai Boxing in Koh Samui

Accommodation at Lamai Gym

The accommodation is cleaned daily and the bedding is changed every other day. The level of hygiene maintained is very high and the simple layout and structure of all the rooms ensures that they are easy to keep clean.

Onsite laundry facilities are available and the service is quick and for a little extra you can receive your clothes pressed and ironed.

Camp prices are all-inclusive of training twice per day and accommodation, for those that wish to book their stay this way.

For people that don't wish to stay in the camp, there are many apartments and hotels only a short distance away. They vary in price depending on the level of luxury required, however even the basic apartments near to the camp are very comfortable.

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Food in Koh Samui

Meals are not included in the training and accommodation packages, however the gym has its own cafe located directly opposite, which provides a range of tasty food and drink at extremely low prices. Also, situated right next door to the camp is the famous Apple cafe which not only provides excellent food but also fresh fruit smoothies and protein shakes.

A few minutes walk on to the main stretch of Lamai offers you countless bars and restaurants, catering for all tastes and offering western food as well as Thai. The prices vary from extremely cheap to fairly expensive.

Training at Lamai Gym

As with most training camps in Thailand, morning training starts around 7am. People have the option of running if they wish and there are two runs to choose from. The shorter run lasts for roughly 20 minutes when taken at a slow pace and the longer run can last up to an hour.

Back at the gym you can expect to work with a partner on sparring techniques and then some light padwork with an instructor.

The evening training session begins at 5pm and lasts for two hours. The session begins with shadow boxing. Following this, time is spent sparring (usually isolating hands and legs). After sparring it is time for rounds on the pads with an instructor before finishing with clinch work then stretching.

Training Muay Thai in Koh Samui

Thai Boxing camps on the Islands of Thailand are generally a little more laid back than those in Bangkok and the training sessions reflect this. This doesn't mean that it is in any way easy, but the intensity of Bangkok gyms is not present on the Islands which makes it a more suitable place to train if you are new to the sport.

The island is extremely relaxed and this makes it a perfect destination if you are looking for a training experience that combines fitness with the added bonus of beautiful beaches and lively nightlife.

Instructors at Lamai Gym

Lamai Gym boasts some excellent instructors, many of whom moved to the island of Koh Samui after many years fighting in Bangkok.

Camps in and around Thailand quite often see trainers travelling to and fro between the camps helping where it is needed, however Lamai gym has a solid core of trainers who are there year after year. They include Nokweed Davy, Mardsue Tum and Hanarong.

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