How To Win At Arm Wrestling – Expert Guideline

How many times have you involved yourself in an arm wrestling and lost terribly? I know you’ve always felt totally embarrassed and had to hide your face as you walk away from the scenes. You leave your mate being congratulated…and if that scene was a bar, he undoubtedly worn a couple of girls’ heart and free beers.

But you’re not bad at arm wrestling!

It’s only that you applied the wrong techniques that made you lose.

Below, I’ll offer you five proven tips that will make you win B.I.G in your next arm war and be the “guy of the night.

Here are the expert tips:

#1. Do some grip training first!

If you ever want to win in all your arm wars, you have to have this one thing: grip strength.

How do you rate your grip strength right now?

If you feel it’s not yet there, don’t worry…you can do some training to strengthen. I recommend that you use the hand gripper for this great course. Look for the adjustable model and use it to exercise your hand muscles daily- this will give you the strongest grip you’ve ever had!

#2.Watch your feet position

I know you still remember your last arm wrestling clearly…and now I want you to pause a moment and remember how you placed your feet as you were handling your mate.

Assuming you’ve got the picture in your mind, now read my feet positioning advice to see if you’ve doing it all wrong:

Always, ALWAYS position your right foot in the front of the left foot (that’s for the right-handed guys). And to do stand even a higher chance of winning, place the foot as far as you can against your opponent’s.

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you to do all this, it helps use all the force and energy that your body can produce.

Maybe you’ve been losing for not using all your potential energy?

#3. Be sure to curl your thumb

Do you even know how to place your thumb during the action?

From now onwards, in all your arm wrestling fights, ensure your wrap/curl your thumb…I mean, after bringing your hands together, place your thumb underneath your fingers- simple!

When you do this, you’ll be executing a technique known as the top roll. And it gives you a lot of power against the opponent.

Bonus TIP: Don’t wait till you get an opponent in your local bar to try this tip. Just do it with your friends regularly to get some experience and actually feel how it works to your advantage!

#4. Use the right muscles

Don’t foolishly use your biceps with high hopes of bringing down your opponent.

Sorry, it might not work!

But why? That’s a relatively small, weak muscle and if you’re dealing with a guy who is using the right muscles, he will crush you instantly.

Avoid this embarrassment by training yourself to use your shoulders and back- stronger than biceps- to force down your opponent.

Do this in your next fight, get amazing results and get back here and share your experience with me.

NOTE: To correctly apply this tip, I’d advise you always to keep your arm closer to your body. This makes it easy to utilize your body and arm/shoulder strength at the same time (as opposed to using the biceps/arm strength alone)

#5. Are you using the key arm wrestle areas?

And what are the key arm wrestle areas?

Don’t have a clue?

Well, here’s the list:  shoulder and upper back (critical for offense), and pecs and biceps (for the ultimate defense).

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been shamelessly losing in all your arm wrestling fights, stop right there and go through this exclusive guide. I’ve just discussed five important tips that will help you finish your opponent in no time.

After reading this post, you’ll know where you’ve been going wrong. Improve on those areas, follow all my tips and you’ll always be the champion guy!

Good luck!

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